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New Yorker crashes himself to promote cyclists’ rights

TRANSIT stumbles upon an interesting video on the web over a cyclist’s plight to undeserving treatment of cyclists in New York City. We are awed by his audacity to perform dangerous stunts to highlight how his rights as a cyclist are constantly  infringed by errant private vehicle owners and local councils.



TRANSIT hopes the video will inspire readers and commuters to stand up to demand on greater accommodation rights for pedestrian and bicyclists, especially at residential areas where speed is rarely enforced as it should be. Maybe having bicycle lanes within KL is a far-fetched idea, but at least the idea is workable at low traffic areas. Electric bikes can be a great solution to last mile connectivity problems, and we wonder what is the government’s progress on electric bikes.

Oftentimes, compliance-based issues are the real culprit that prematurely kill proposals that are originally meant to benefit everyone. Ideas for bus lanes, bicycle lanes and pedestrian spaces can fly with the right public mindset and rule of law that accords movement priority to collective rather than individual modes.

Why ticket cyclists who are not using bike lanes when the lanes are dangerously obstructed by non-cyclists? Why ticket jaywalkers in KL who are not using the pedestrian facilities (zebra crossings, bridges) when the facilities are dangerously obstructed by motorcyclists and are designed to be safe haven for muggers in the first place?

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