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Updates #85

Updates #85

1. Video: Wong Tian Yeong posted this 33 second video of what appears to be a leaking ceiling at Puduraya bus terminal – – on 9 May 2011. According to this article in the Star, the “leak” was actually a sprinkler head that somehow started gushing water during a test.

2. Letter: LPTC should be under Transport Ministry (The Star, 9 May 2011) – Puzzled of Kuala Lumpur wonders why the Land Public Transport Commission is not directly under the Transport Ministry.

3. Letter: Cab goes the extra mile (NST, 10 May 2011) – NURADZIMMAH DAIM writes of a positive experience with Sunlight Taxi, receiving an SMS update of the arrival of her radio-hired taxi.

SMS read: “Dear MS (Miss), your taxi HB**** (Refn: 15****) has arrived, Ps (please) proceed to pick up point within the next 5 to 10min. TQ for calling Unicablink@Sunlight 90575757/1300800222.”

[TRANSIT: A useful example of customer service. Kudos to Sunlight.]

4. Letter: MRT may reduce cost of cars on road (NST, 10 May 2011) – V. Thomas of Sg. Buloh writes about the MRT and the changes it may bring to car drivers.

5. Article: Rahim: Govt Satisfied With Public Transport NKRA (Malaysian Digest, 11 May 2011)

6. Blog: Penang Hill Railway Breakdown: An Insider’s View (, 11 May 2011)

7. Article: Camp-in threat by railway squatters (The Star, 11 May 2011)

8. Letter: Risking injury to be on time for work (The Star, 14 May 2011)

9. Letter: Costly LRT mistakes (NST, 12 May 2011) C.K.Y. of Kelana Jaya comments on the lack of public transport access to the University Malaya Medical Centre, which is bypassed by the Kelana Jaya LRT as there is no station at Jalan Gasing/Jalan Universiti and calls on the government to build another station.

[TRANSIT: There is a station at Taman Jaya and there is also Stesen Universiti. No one is stopping UM or UMMC from operating a shuttle bus connecting their facilities to one of these LRT stations.]

10. Letter: Tram will ease traffic flow (NST, 12 May 2011) – K. Ramamurthy Achari of Penang comments on the need for improved public transport in Penang and suggests a tram system be developed, including a revival of the old tram.

2 replies on “Updates #85”

For issue number 1:
Leaking at the NEWLY and SOPHISTICATED refurbished Puduraya terminal, another Malaysia Boleh achievement of first class facilities and third world maintenance. Nothing new!

For issue number 2:
I think many veteran Malaysians ALREADY reliased that we the Malaysian governments always achieved something that is out of rationality and pure logic, many complaints had been sent in by the rakyat (people) regarding this another Malaysia Boleh achievement but until now this kind of scenario still happens, notihng new either.

For issue number 4:
The government crony companies which are the Proton and Perodua will tell you that,”Don’t worry, our strong bond of interests and relationships (government and the cronys) will make sure more roads to be built and more cars to be sold. You a bunch of rakyat only??? Try to fight with us the cronys?? Dream on!! Our sales of automobile will not be affected at all! Please!!! We will make sure our government don’t have enough money to fully developed our local pubic transport system. You just wait and see!!”

For issue number 5:
All of us fellow Malaysians who have been using the public transport system for their \whole life or many years already know too well that our public transport system is in dire states (lousy and horrible) and no where near satisfaction and user friendly at all. Please-lah!! We rakyat are not blind or neither retarded or stupid, NKRA has achieved satisfactory level in public transport system?? Who are you trying to bluff/cheat?? Our smart alec Malaysian government. All the time the government will compare us to backward third world countries/cities to make themselves felt superior and advanced, you can fool everybody but you can’t fool yourself. Tepuk dada tanya selera. The truth is the truth, you can’t “cover” the eyes of rakyat and pretend everything is OK!!! LIAR (Malaysian government)!!!

For issue number 6 regarding the funicular train at Penang Hill:
Whether the handover of manual, spare parts and others were way too late or whatsoever, this is not a very acceptable excuse, then you have to RUSH and REPRIMAND the supplier for that if you felt that this was going to happen before the handover/ocompletion, another Malaysia Boleh achievement, first class facilities, third world maintenance!!

4. it is good if the feeder bus service is open to other operators, but there must be strict guidelines on its standards, frequency and timetable. saving money on new roads is good, but what is even better is the total removal of petrol subsidies. that will save us RM5-10 billions a year. add in a fuel tax and there you go, money you can use to fund MRT construction, and crony companies. on one hand, you don’t need to pay each car to burn petrol, and you can save valuable resources on public transport. of course, it is not in the interest of P1 and P2 – govt have a stake in both.

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