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Updates #48

Updates #48

1. Article: Residents demand authorities probe bus shelter collapse (Streets-NST) – anger over the collapse of a 2year old bus shelter in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, JB.

The bus shelter that collapsed. Image courtesy of Streets-NST

2. Letter: Put the brakes on errant cabbies with stiff penalties (The Star) – YS Chan from KL comments on the announcement that most complaints to the CVLB are regarding taxi drivers.

3. Multiple articles and letters on the women-only carriages issue:

  • Letter: Women-only coaches a noble but flawed move (The Star) – Shashi Kumar of Shah Alam comments on the women-only carriages and attests that KTM should have made a stronger effort to improve service and reduce crowding.
  • Letter: Focus on service and new coaches (NST) – Hamdan Ibrahim of KL suggests that KTM should focus on buying new coaches and improving the KTM service
  • Letter: Not a practical move (NST) – N.L.E. of Port Klang suggests that KTM Komuter will not be able to maintain the women-only carriages;
  • Letter: Not being discriminatory (NST) – Nor Shahid Mohd. Nor of Petaling Jaya approves of the women-only carriages and suggests that the same option be extended to the LRT and even the bus system;
  • Letter: KTM pink coach not fully utilised (The Star) – Moon Yoon Weng of Seremban comments on KTM Komuter’s Women-Only coach;
  • Letter: A regressive solution (NST) – Richard Yeo of Kota Baru uses the women-only carriages to make an unflattering link between Malaysia and Pakistan & Afghanistan;
  • Article: Add more coaches, KTMB urged (Star Metro) – Male passengers on the Sentul-Port Klang route complain about the women-only carriages and the resulting congestion in the other carriages;
  • Article: No plans for women coach on LRT – Ong Tee Keat (Malay Mail) – According to the Minister of Transport, there is no plan to introduce women-only coaches on the LRT system at present but who knows what Prasarana might do;

4. Article: Klang folk furious over further delay (Star Metro) – more hassles for the residents of Klang as the Jambatan Kota flyover seems to be facing further delay.

5. Article: City Hall – Bus lanes are here to stay (The Star) – in a response to articles and letters about the inefficient bus lanes, a spokesperson from DBKL explains that the bus lanes will remain.

[TRANSIT: We are going to try to work with the DBKL and FT Ministry to find ways to improve the bus lanes and make them more efficient]

6. Article: Nong Chik to check on KL Sentral again (Malay Mail) – Federal Territories Minister Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin plans a visit to Brickfields and KL Sentral to check out the transport facilities.

[TRANSIT: We hope that the Minister would also visit the temporary terminal at Bukit Jalil to evaluate the facilities there.]

7. Article: Licensing of Pirate Taxis only in rural areas (NST) – the CVLB will only license pirate taxis in areas of Sabah and Sarawak.

8. Letter: KTMB services getting from bad to worse (The Star) – Rachel Low of JB comments on the quality of KTM Intercity services.

9. Article: Ipoh-Padang Besar electric railway work well on track (The Star) – an update on the Ipoh-Padang Besar Electrification & Double Tracking (EDT) project, now 41% completed (as compared to the expected 45%)

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