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Updates #46

Updates #46

1. Letter: Cabbies, please pity disabled passengers (The Star) – Chai from Gombak writes a letter to taxi drivers asking them to show a little kindness & pity.

2. Article: Work at home saves RM500 (The Star) – early results of the Civil Service’s work at home programme shows financial and time savings for employees.

3. Letter: Heritage – Enforce guidelines on railway station development (NST) and Preserve iconic railway station (The Star) – TUN AHMAD SARJI ABDUL HAMID, President Badan Warisan Malaysia comments on the proposal to transfer the KTMB HQ and Kuala Lumpur Railway station to the private sector for redevelopment, sharing his expectation that the redevelopment preserve the historical character of the two buildings, which are heritage icons that represent Kuala Lumpur to the world. His comments are also captured in this article, Badan Warisan Malaysia uneasy over KTMB buildings ‘facelift’ in the Malay Mail.

4. Comments: Traffic Congestion in Penang (Penang Transport Council) – the Penang Transport Council comments on feedback and comments regarding traffic congestion in Penang.

5. Article: Confer city status to Seremban (The Star) – DAP opposition leader Anthony Loke suggests that city status will encourage the development of the “Live in Seremban, Work in KL” concept – and that the “bullet train project” between KL & Singapore (which would presumably serve Seremban) should be welcomed because Seremban would only be 20 minutes away from KL.

[TRANSIT: The “Live in Seremban, Work in KL” concept is a nice idea as long as there is an effective public transport system to move people between KL and Seremban, and there is an effective public transport system in Seremban itself.

Anyone who uses the North-South Highway can recall that there used to be massive congestion between Seremban and Senawang, because of people using the highway to travel around Seremban. Much of this congestion has disappeared with recent opening of the Kajang-Seremban highway – but we hope that the Seremban council, with City Status, would be interested in investing in public transport.

Finally, the arrival of KTM’s Express Train Service (ETS), presumably on 1 June, should be complemented with better public transport service in Seremban.]

6. Article: Busload of problems at terminal (Streets-NST) – the experience at the Port Dickson Bus Terminal

7. Article: Tg Manis to Similajau rail link planned (The Star) – an update on the proposed rail link to be introduced with the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) economic corridor initiative.

[TRANSIT: It’s nice to know that a rail link is planned – but what kind of railway will it be? A high-speed passenger rail? A low-speed freight rail with meter-gauge? Without this information there is no way to know what is coming.]

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