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Urban Public Transport NKRA (Update #1)

Updated with details of proposed bus routes!

As you know, TRANSIT has been following the work of the Urban Public Transport Panel in their efforts to meet the expectations of the National Key Result Area (NKRA) on Urban Public Transport

The members of the Urban Public Transport Panel met during a 3 month period and worked to come up with a list of proposals and ideas – a map for the improvement of public transport in the short term.

The details for their findings and plans can be found in this document, Pemandu Lab Highlights – Urban Public Transport which all of us should read!

The 5 main ‘lever’s they will use are:

  1. Debottleneck capacity of a system already its limits (expand capacity & connectivity of rail & bus network);
  2. Stimulate demand to draw / “pull” people to public transport (improve service quality, connectivity & coverage);
  3. Take heavy vehicles out of CBD area (Integrated Transport Terminals);
  4. Regulatory restructuring (SPAD and legal restructuring of the industry + “New Deal” for operators);
  5. Manage demand through “push” (congestion pricing – beyond 2013).

Residents of the Klang Valley would take note of some of the plans such as the Rapid Bus Expressway Transit, (RapidBET) introduced in Early January 2010, as well as the expansion of service frequencies for the LRT lines and improvement of bus services with new routes.

The plan includes the following:

BET (Bus Expressway Transit)

  • BET1 – Kota Damansara <=> Pasar Seni
  • BET2 – Sg. Long (Cheras) <=> Pasar Seni
  • BET3 – Subang Mewah <=> Pasar Seni
  • BET4 – Sri Muda (Shah Alam) <=> Pasar Seni

BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)

  • BRT1 – Cheras <=> Pasar Seni
  • BRT2 – Puchong Utama <=> Pasar Seni
  • BRT3 – Damansara Damai <=> Pasar Seni

BL (Bus Lanes)

  • BL1 – ITT Bandar Tasik Selatan <=> Pasar Seni
  • BL2 – Jalan Genting Klang <=> Pasar Seni
  • BL3 – Bandar Utama (Petaling Jaya) <=> KL Sentral
  • BL4 – Batu Tiga (Shah Alam) <=> Pasar Seni
  • BL5 – Sri Nilam (Ampang) <=> Pasar Seni

[TRANSIT: Is there a theme here? Why must all bus services go to Pasar Seni?]

Perhaps more importantly, people would note that Minister of Transport Ong Tee Keat, who is the head of the NKRA on Urban Public Transport, is speaking up about public transport in a serious way.

You can also take note of the photos in the gallery below which were taken by TRANSIT on our visit to the NKRA Open Day. Put your mouse over the images for more information and click on the images for a larger view.

Other features of the NKRA Highlights Lever 1 (Expanding the capacity & connectivity of the public transport network) are described below. We will add more posts about each ‘lever’ in detail, with the tag “NKRA Update”.

LRT Expansion

Purchase of additional trains for the Kelana Jaya Line (the 4-carriage trains of which 4 are already in service) and the Ampang Line (which have yet to be determined).

KTM Expansion

More details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Monorail Expansion

More details will be posted as soon as they are available.


As you might imagine, we at TRANSIT are generally happy with the work of the Urban Public Transport Panel. However, our main concern is that we, the voice of the public transport user, were not invited to attend & participate in the discussions.

We did receive an opportunity to give feedback – after most of the decisions had already been made – and were happy to do so.

But the real fact that the members of the Urban Public Transport Panel and their leader Minister of Transport Ong Tee Keat must understand is that they need that public participation to make the system work effectively.

As always, your comments on the NKRA for Public Transport are welcome below.

5 replies on “Urban Public Transport NKRA (Update #1)”

Hi all!

Thanks again for this wonderful website, all the coverage and hard work! Excellent!

I do have a question: one of your pictures shows that the Monorail capacity will double by 2012!! I’ve haven’t heard of any orders of either new monorails or 4-car Monorails. May someone please give more info on how the Monorail capacity will be added?
Thanks to transitMY again!!

Hi Sri Musa

You are correct that there have been no orders of Monorail Carriages to date.

The proposal from the Ministry of Transport/Urban Transport Panel is simply a “wish list” of items and it will be interesting to see whether the Minister of Transport’s commitment will extend beyond the expansion of bus services and improvement to KTM Komuter.

Expansion of the monorail is certainly long overdue, as is expansion of the LRT lines and improvement of service frequencies.

Unfortunately, without public pressure there will be a gap between what is proposed and what happens.

What TRANSIT wants is to have everyone read the findings of the Urban Transport Panel, then call their MPs and tell them to demand these improvements, fast.


Moaz for TRANSIT

The MoT should give more emphsis on the feeder service, buses that pick up passengers from suburbs and feed them to the rail system.

As a Wangsa Maju resident, I find that the feeder bus coverage is very poor. For example, there are no buses that passes Seksyen 6 Wanga Maju despite having two bus stops along Jln 6/27a near Section 6.We have to walk about 1.5km to Section 5 to ride a feeder bus to the Wangsa Maju Kelana Jaya Line station.

yes, i agree this, but i hope they can create a congestion area in KL to reduce number of cars into CBD. and for sure plz upgrade KTM komuter line….

Hi Nelson

Thank you for your feedback.

The plan for the Congestion Charge area has been placed at #5, for implementation beyond 2013.

Whether it actually happens or not will depend largely on politics.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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