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LRT Update: After the public display, the fun begins

Following the end of the public display (on 14 December 2009) for the Railway Scheme related to the extension of the LRT, a number of articles have appeared in the media highlighting the LRT project.

TRANSIT took note of the following articles, all of which are interesting.

Instead of posting the details, we will simply post comments for each article, and we ask that you read the article from the link and give us feedback.

LRT plan gets the nod as residents feel it will ease traffic (The Star) – TRANSIT was alerted to this article in which a group of resident’s associations and other groups in USJ/Subang Jaya, (presumably organized by Madam Ong Chong Swen – the MCA Kelana Jaya Division Chair) gave mostly positive feedback about the proposed Kelana Jaya LRT extension.


We were extremely concerned to read the comments from the leaders of the resident’s associations, many of whom are unlikely to use public transport or are representing areas that are not located near the proposed line.

We were also concerned with comments from Madam Ong in which she stated that Prasarana had told her than they had received 92% positive feedback. Our recent post about LRT construction contains a letter from Prasarana stating that they had given no information to anyone.

We were pleased with the comments from M. Vivekananda, who expressed his skepticism about LRT as a ‘magical transformation to end the transportation woes.’

Work starts on LRT station (The Star) – This article from the Star on 20th December highlighted land clearing works at the site of the proposed Putra Heights LRT station and prompted a letter from Prasarana explaining that the construction had not yet started.


If LRT construction has not yet started, then perhaps someone could explain what is happening at the site of the LRT station. Is there a project notice board signifying approval by the MPSJ?

KL turns to LRT to get on right track (Malaysian Insider/NST) – The Malaysian Insider posted this NST article about the proposed LRT lines and the apparent focus on LRT construction as a solution for the public transport woes in the Klang Valley.


Read the comments at the end of the article, which express many different and interesting views. As we have said before, we do not believe that the LRT is the solution that Subang Jaya and Putra Heights need. LRT should go to Shah Alam and Puchong first.

Residents want LRT station in Sunway (Streets-NST) – A group of residents has highlighted the need for an LRT station in Sunway in this article on 23 December 2009.


We support the call from the residents for better public transport service and hope that they will get some improvements soon. Sunway is a vastly congested area that needs better public transport.

The easiest solution would be an extension of the Ampang LRT from IOI mall or a new line following Jalan Klang Lama and Jalan Puchong to Puchong Jaya, then following the KESAS alignment along the south side of Bandar Sunway, through USJ and on to Shah Alam (as envisioned in the Selangor Structure Plan).

7 replies on “LRT Update: After the public display, the fun begins”

I refer to update from Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat (8th April) on addditional line from One Utama / Damansara Perdana to Kelana Jaya LRT station via Damansara Utama Uptown is indeed a very good move for many reasons. First, the already congested LDP has no space to widen. Second, the ever increasing businesses has create parking woes in Damansara Uptown. Third but most importantly, is the need to have a kind of circle line network linking various LRT & KTMB outskirts line, just like motorist are familiar with the MRR1 and MRR2 ring road to improve maneuverability and practicality hence expending commuter-base exponentially. One would not expect suburban passenger to waste time and fares traveling to KL Sentral just to commute to another neighborhood part of KL suburb (i.e. from Kota Damansara to Kelana Jaya, Ampang to Cheras etc)?

The short extension from Kota Damansara to Sg Buloh KTM is also a very wise idea but I am not so sure about extending from Cheras to Kajang KTM due to prolonged low density neighborhood. Stations must be build in heavily populated township as Damansara Damai, Saujana Damansara, Bandar Seri Damansara before integrating with a new KTM station at Taman Kepong / Ehsan, not Sg Buloh. Remember, in order to provide maximum benefits and returns, LRT route should not ply through existing highway, electrical grid, river, or backyard. A little additional investment with multiple benefits and returns.

The only concern is whether the main line should ply from TTDI through Phileo Damansara, Pusat Bandar Damansara, Bangsar and merge with existing Putra line at KL Sentral or should there be a completely new route ply to Mount Kiara, Haratamas, Duta complex, Perhentian Bus Duta, Jalan Kuching/Ipoh before entering KL with new route towards Golden Triangle. As we know, KL Sentral (concourse, platform) and it’s surrounding are very congested with jammed-packed traffic. In addition, Putra line has a 2 minute train frequency and sharing with a new line would raise safety and security concerns. This congestion would also hinder a portion of sensitive or executive groups which prefer to commute in comfort thus missed some target revenue group.

The new route with a strategic new interchange station will solve all the problem associate with integration and maneuverability. We should not have one overly-crowded interchange station (like KL Sentral) but instead to have several major interchange stations scattered evenly across the city just like in London, Tokyo, Paris and New York. Obviously the good place to have another ‘mini KL Sentral’ is at Titiwangsa or PWTC station where Ampang LRT, monorail and KTMB convergence.

Our PM wants as many people to use the LRT but how could this be achieve if the route planner have never envisage new important precinct yet remotely conservative? As the need for better LRT system arise, it is timely for government to consider a total improvement plan (beside extension route) which include branch-line in most LRT lines in suburban, bigger & speedier MRT system, underground route for flexibility and other benefits. They said, in cities of developed countries, you will find a LRT/MRT station within 15mins of walking be it in any direction – north, south, east or west… but in our case is far to cry..

Ir Azmi

Ir Azmi

Thanks very much for your comments. Unfortunately, we have not had the time to update the LRT posting with the recent announcement from the Minister of Transport and we would still like to check with Prasarana to confirm their plans.

TRANSIT has been in support of the Kota Damansara – Cheras line for a long time, given the large number of dense developments along the corridor. We prefer that the line not be designed to meet KL Sentral because the majority of public transport users are not destined for KL Sentral except to transfer to KTM or Monorail or visit Brickfields.

Instead, we would prefer that the line either:

  • enter Kuala Lumpur from the south side, following Jalan Parlimen and passing Bukit Aman and the Lake Gardens, then underground leading to Kuala Lumpur railway station, continuing underground through Jalan Raja Chulan and emerging at Jalan Loke Yew; or
  • enter Kuala Lumpur from the north-central side, following Jalan Mahameru & going underground through Kg. Tunku, passing PWTC and through Kampung Baru, then down through KLCC before emerging at Jalan Loke Yew

The connection with KL Sentral could be provided by creating a 2nd monorail line running from Jalan Ipoh through Mont Kiara to the government complexes at Jalan Duta, then passing through Universiti Malaya and MidValley before terminating in Brickfields.

As for a ring line, we prefer to create a line that services Petaling Jaya on the north-south axis, from Old Klang Road to Bdr Utama, (parallel to the LDP). Completing the loop by extending the LRT from Seri Petaling to Old Klang Road, and Sentul Timur through Kepong and Bdr. Sri Damansara would be logical.

However, as much as we would like to see the expansion of the LRT network, it is not justified if only 10-15% of trips in the Klang Valley are made using public transport. We need to convert people to using public transport by making buses frequent and reliable before we can make the full investment in LRT.

Again, thanks for your thoughts and we hope that you will contribute more ideas when we make the update regarding the LRT line extensions and the new proposed lines.

Thanks and best regards

Moaz for TRANSIT

KD-Cheras LRT Update

Yes, it is certain, in the interest of the majority, that the new line KD-Cheras line should not designed to meet for KL Sentral. There are so many places still uncovered and either any of our options are viable, in fact, we should have both, by mean of sub-line or branch-line. Sub-line or branch-line are very common in developed nations and saved a lot of costs too. But if budget is the issue, a single line can be accepted with the following 4 critical conditions :-

1) A zig-zag line in KL city center. Having a zig-zag route is not an issue when underground as the train turning radius can be keep to minimum by not having to follow road grid. Obviously they just need to avoid deep piling from big building on top.
2)Distance between stations limit to maximum of 0.6km. The problem with existing LRT lines in KL is that they are located on average 1 km apart and many who works in middle of stations find getting to LRT stations inconvenience hence opt for driving. Even the monorail that suppose to have nearby stations are not making the best out of the returns and benefits to many people. In hot humid Malaysia, only those who stay and work within 250 meters of the station are happy to use the LRT. Forget about feeder bus, as they have no match in all senses – frequency, speed, comfort and reliability, especially in the city center.
3)At least 20 new stations in strategic place in KL to cover the short-fall of stations from the previous Putra, Star & KL Monorail.
4)The new line must have comfortable air-conditioning interchange stations with all the 4 lines namely Kelana Jaya, Ampang, Monorail and KTM. One interchange per line (preferably in the middle of the line) is enough as several interchanges are redundant and will complicate the new route selection in the city.

Below are how the new line should cover KL based on the two KL’s entry option :-

i) north-west.
1) OneUtama > TTDI Utara / Sg Penchala > 2) Desa Hartamas > 3) Sri Hartamas > 4) Duta Complex > 5) Perhentian Duta > 6) Bkt Tunku > 7) Mahameru Link > 8) Putra KTM (KTM interchange) > 9) Jalan Raja Laut (off Jln Putra & Jln Chow Kit) > 10) Jln Raja Abdullah (beside Sultan Sulaiman Club with Park & Ride facilities) > 11) Jln Yap Kwan Seng (near Menara BSN) > 12) Dang Wangi (near new police office / kompleks wilayah) > 13) Jln TAR/Masjid India (shopping district) > 14) Masjid Jamek (major interchange) > 15) Ceylon (Regency Tower) > 16) Jalan Raja Chulan (near Menara ING) > 17) Changkat BB > 18) Jln BB (near Federal Hotel) > 19) BB Monorail Interchange > 20) Pavilion (nearby JW Marriot) > 21) Changkat Thambi Abdullah or Jln Pudu > 22) Jln Loke Yew (Park & Ride) > 23) Sg Besi Highway (Park &Ride) > 24) Chan Sow Lin (major south-east interchange) before moving to Bandar Tun Razak, Taman Connaught, Taman Len Sen and Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.

ii) Central west.
1) OneUtama > TTDI Vads > 2) Phileo Damansara > 3) Sprint HW Link (near Intan) > 4) Pusat Bdr Damansara > 5) Semanthan > 6) Jln Duta Link > 7) Lake Garden (small station, open on weekend only) > 8) Bank Negara (interchange with KTM) > 9) Bukit Aman/Dataran Merdeka (Jln Sultan Hishamudin) > 10) Masjid Jamek (major interchange) > 11) Jln TAR (shopping district) > 12) Jln Dang Wangi (near new police office/kompleks wilayah) > 13) Jln Raja Abdullah (beside Sultan Sulaiman Club with Park & Ride facilities) > 14) Yap Kwan Seng (near Menara BSN) > 15) Jln P. Ramlee (off Jln Sultan Ismail) > 16) Jln Raja Chulan (near Menara ING) > 17) Changkat BB > 18) Jalan BB (near Federal Hotel) > 19) BB Monorail Interchange > 20) Pavilion (nearby JW Marriot) > 21) Changkat Thambi Abdullah or Jln Pudu > 22) Jln Loke Yew (Park & Ride) > 23) Sg Besi Highway (Park &Ride) > 24) Chan Sow Lin (major south-east interchange) before moving to Bandar Tun Razak, Taman Connaught, Taman Len Sen and Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.

The ring line is also a must. The second monorail line is also a very good idea but should not travel further suburb as it is relatively slow and small. Only than we will see ridership rate increase exponentially verses the new length created, not possible to achieve 70-80% from current 10% as LRT/MRT is still the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable way to commute.

I am not keen to the idea of a zigzag line as it would take too much time to travel through the area. One line should not be made to do the work that is better suited for a few lines. Long travel times are unattractive to users and stops at stations are the main contributing factor to the time taken to run a route. Perhaps a bus system with real bus priority on the routes can be a better alternative.

I would also suggest taking out a few proposed stations well within walking distance. For example, having three stations on the same line at Bukit Bintang alone would not be the best use of resources. This area is one which would be better served by a good walkway system — one that is truly pedestrian-oriented — serving a single station.

We should not replace walking by shuffling people directly onto trains. Instead, walking has to be promoted and cultivated by making it appealing and inviting, such as having tree-lined pathways, paths without hindrances, etc. This is because walking, beyond taking one from point A to B, actually plays an essential role in the vitality of urban life. Details of this are better left for another post.

As for the Park&Ride facilities, more should be built at stations away from the city. This is because the majority of the populace would be staying in the outlaying townships and we shouldn’t even provide an excuse for them to drive into the city. As such, places like TTDI, Hartamas, Cheras, Bandar Tun Razak should equally be served by adequate P&R facilities.

Ir Azmi, I agreed 100%. Every single stations you mentioned from your first and second comments are simply brilliant..

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