KTM Update: Komuter Service returns to Kuala Lumpur “Old” Station

TRANSIT noted from our recent discussion with KTMB staff that there was a plan to return KTM Komuter service to the “Old” Kuala Lumpur station from the “new” Kuala Lumpur station.

As you might imagine, TRANSIT was certainly in support of this move. The “old” Kuala Lumpur station is a part of Malaysia’s public transport heritage and should be occupied, enjoyed and appreciated!

KTM had started using the “Old” station for a mini museum last year, and this year they started using the platforms for the KL-Ipoh shuttle trains (Platform 1  for trains outbound to Ipoh and Platform 4 for trains inbound from Ipoh).

Now TRANSIT notes that the construction work for Platform 2 & 3 (which will be used for Komuter service) has been completed and the Komuter trains now stop at under the trainshed of the “old” station instead of the “new” north station.

Enjoy the photos below showing KTM Komuter operations at the “old” station.


We are happy to see that Kuala Lumpur’s “old” station is being reoccupied and brought back to life. We are similarly proud to see that the Ipoh Railway Station has been modernized and brought back to life with the regular shuttle service.

Our public transport heritage is important and must be preserved and appreciated by the public.

But still we wonder – why no publicity? Please, KTMB – the return to Kuala Lumpur station is a small thing but it is a nice thing and worthy of celebration! And to the public, do not forget that 1 June 2010 marks the 125 anniversary of railway service in the Peninsula and this year should be celebrated as much as possible!

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