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Updates #27


Updates #27

1. Article: Thai train derails, killing eight (The Star) – a train from Trang bound for Bangkok derailed near the town of Hua Hin.

2. Update: Subang Alam – Putra Heights residents have updated their blog on the LRT extension –

3. Letter: Improve Cheras transport system (Malay Mail) – another letter in support of LRT to Cheras. [TRANSIT: Prasarana, hopefully you now understand why the public display process should be broken down into multiple stages.]

4. Article: Integrate services at Weld Quay (The Star) – The Penang Government wants to have Weld Quay as a major intermodal public transport hub.

5. Article: Malaysian Student In France Wants To Put Public Transport On Track (Bernama) – discusses a Malaysian student who has studied the public transport system of Nice, France, while living there as a student.

6. Article: Reserve land sites for parking (Malay Mail) – the Selangor government will sell land at TNB reserves for parking usage in Petaling Jaya. One area targeted is the Taman Bahagia LRT station.

7. Article: Live news for bus commuters (The Star) – Commuters on RapidKL buses can look forward to more interesting ads and programmes from Asia Media’s Transit-TV next year. [TRANSIT: Thank goodness! We were getting slightly tired of all the FINAS and Filem Negara productions. Not to mention that riveting documentary on how springs are made!]

8. MPK Full Board Meeting: Parking woes, errant [bus] drivers and Klang Sentral (Malay Mail) – The MPK is bent on moving buses to Klang Sentral at the expense of commuters – rather than improving the situation in Klang through enforcement and other measures.

9. New design of Platform Screen Gates at KL Monorail Station Bukit Bintang

Image of Platform Screen Gates at Bukit Bintang monorail station - image courtesy of TWK90
Image of Platform Screen Gates at Bukit Bintang monorail station - image courtesy of TWK90

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