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Updates #22


Updates #22

1. Prasarana, RapidKL and KL Monorail have commissioned The Nielsen Company (M) Sdn. Bhd. to conduct a survey of public transport users. This survey will take place at various bus hubs and LRT & monorail stations.

The dates of the survey are from 3 September – 16 October.

TRANSIT urges all public transport users to take time and give some detailed, honest (brutal if necessary) feedback to the surveyors. Just remember, they are not employees of Prasarana, RapidKL or KL Monorail – so dont blame them.

2. Article: RM100,000 spent to upgrade terminal (The Star) – discusses money spent on improving the appearance of the temporary bus terminal in Section 17 Shah Alam – which will be retained after the new bus terminal is finished and operational

3. Article: New terminal not big enough (The Star) – Residents and bus operators claim that the new Rawang bus & taxi terminal is not big enough for the number of waiting buses, taxies and cars.

4. Article: Terminal illness or here (NST) – discusses many problems with the construction of the Klang Sentral Terminal [TRANSIT: deep breath. We. told. you. so.]

The Consumer Association of Klang (CAK) is urging the Selangor government to temporarily shut down both terminals and conduct a thorough investigation.

CAK president A. Devadass said the state government should form an independent body to investigate the cause of the defects found in the building which had been dogged by controversy since it began operations.

CAK president A. Devadass points to cracks at the base of the Klang Sentral Terminal B - image courtesy of NST
CAK president A. Devadass points to cracks at the base of the Klang Sentral Terminal B - image courtesy of NST

The state’s Select Committee on Competence, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) has also been urged to investigate how approval was given for the project.

“Selcat should investigate the numerous problems surrounding the building such as its unsuitable location, the high-tension electric cables nearby and the high pressure gas pipeline passageway located close to the terminal,” said Devadass.

He said he had lodged a report at the Klang police station against Klang Municipal Council (MPK) president Mislan Tugiu last year for issuing the certificate of fitness for the Klang Sentral bus terminal building despite objections and protests from the public.

5. Article: Task force formed to improve bus service (The Star) – RapidKL will form a task force to work on improvements to routes in the Cheras area.  Schedules are being forumlated and posted. [TRANSIT: We expect that RapidKL’s Task Force will make information public on the challenges and problems that they face in getting these improvements on track.]

6. Article: Inilah perhentian bas kami (Utusan) – Utusan daily takes a look at a “bus stop” in Puchong Utama

7. Article – Train with 243 passengers jumps rails (The Star) – information on the recent derailment of a KTM intercity train at Batu Anam station in Johor.

8. Letter – Use yellow at monorail station (Malay Mail) – Sam Wong of the Malaysian Association of Standards Users comments on accessibility and the universal design of tactile markings in stations.

According to Malaysian Standard – MS 1331 Code of Practice for Access of Disabled Persons Outside Buildings and MS1184 Code of Practice for Access of Disabled Persons to Public Buildings, these guides should help sight-impaired people by either warning of obstacles and hazards ahead, or show the correct route to follow.

The guiding barriers must be detectable underfoot; of durable non-slip material and of strong colour contrast to adjacent surfaces.

More importantly, these guiding barriers should be in yellow – because yellow is always associated with the ‘caution’. Plus, yellow is easily spotted by those with poor vision

9. Letter – Integrate KL Monorail with LRT lines (Malay Mail) – Comments from TRANSIT on the issue of LRT line and monorail fare integration.

10. Passengers express concerns about H1N1 on public transport in Bernama.  The article also appeared in The Malaysian Insider and Star newspapers.

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