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MRT Update: Ho Chin Soon research statement speculates on route of MRT Circle Line

TRANSIT took note of this interesting information courtesy of a research statement produced in 2011 by Ho Chin Soon company.

The map below shows Ho Chin Soon’s anticipated route for the MRT Line 2 (Circle Line), which is somewhat different from the MMC-Gamuda proposal.

Ho Chin Soon speculates on the route of the MRT Circle Line. Image courtesy of Ho Chin Soon via @Nazrey

Click here for a larger version of the image above.


We are not endorsing Ho Chin Soon’s anticipated route for the MRT. We just wonder how feasible it is compared to the Gamuda MRT proposal, but then both lines have their advantages and challenges.

What do you think of the Ho Chin Soon MRT proposal?

6 replies on “MRT Update: Ho Chin Soon research statement speculates on route of MRT Circle Line”

Hi! That was so long ago. We have another updated SPECULATIVE LINE which was hinted by Prime Minister Najib when the Authorities displayed it on 8th July 2011. Please contact me at so that I can send an image for you to update on your website. Also my latest book sometime late last year shows the NEW Speculative Circle Line including the Speculative Putrajaya 3rd MRT Line! Thank you for giving the credit but the alignment then was based on another source….

Mr Ho

Thanks for your comment. We will send you the email immediately so we can get the page updated.

It would be nice to have the new speculative route so we can compare the different options.

Also, if you have a statement on what your speculation is based on, please either send it to us or comment in the space below.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

note: They are not so interested in MRT per se but tes from real estathe derivative and building of shopping malls to crowd and choke ourt entrance and exit points by its use.

note: They are not so interested in MRT per se but in derivative from real estate and building of shopping malls to crowd and choke our entrance and exit points by its use.

The problem with circular routes is that it has considerable problems with maintaining service levels, as was noted on London Underground with their Circle Line. The problem is with maintaining timetabling. Without a terminal stop, it is hard to a delayed service to regain it’s correct timing. The only alternative is to introduce timing stops en-route, which leads to considerably longer journey times for passengers and introduces it’s own complications in maintaining headways.

It’s worth noting that the Cirlce Line in London was altered a few years ago to “break” the circle, to create a conventional route with two clear termini.

Though the idea of an orbital line to link up unconnected suburbs to rail routes into town, and also allow travellers between suburbs to bypass the city centre is appealing, I don’t think a circular line is the best design, and also I don’t think a heavy MRT line is the best use of resources. Before more infrastructure is added, the organisational and accessibility issues with the existing systems need to be addressed, to ensure both that they are being used to the full. A shiny new MRT line with no decent bus service to cover the “last mile” is not going to solve anything.

Why the proposal of circle line is still centralized in city centre area. im in the opinion the circle line should circle out a lil bit to disperse the movement of traffic in the city.
Example : Jalan Ampang area where heavy traffic occurred was not covered in the proposal.
I think the circle line is too short.
🙂 ..peace.

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