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Klang Bus Stand to cease operations 1 November. Bus services to move to other locations

TRANSIT took note of this very interesting piece of news – that the Klang Bus Stand (Pasaramakota) will be closed as of 1 November 2011. Most of the intra-city bus services from Klang Bus Stand will be moved to Pudu Sentral (formerly Puduraya), while the RapidKL bus services will move to the “Jalan Sultan Mohammed bus stand” just north of Klang Bus Stand.

The closure of the terminal is to facilitate works for the proposed Pasar Seni MRT station which would be located partly under the site of the Klang bus stand. Of course, TRANSIT has to wonder … with many people still talking about relocating the line from under Jalan Sultan, not to mention that we have not heard of any development order for the MRT, is this closure of Klang Bus Stand just jumping the gun?

And most importantly, how will it affect commuters who are already facing significant problems with traffic congestion & inconvenient bus service?

Klang Bus Stand to cease operations (Star Metro)
Thursday October 20, 2011

BEGINNING its operation in the 70s to serve the transportation needs of Klang Valley travellers, the Pasarama Kota or better known as the Klang Bus Stand in Kuala Lumpur will be closed from Nov 1 to make way for the construction of the MY Rapid Transit (MRT) project.

All bus services operating from inside the bus terminal will cease operations after the departure for their last trip on Oct 31 and begin operating from new designated locations the following day.

One bus company [TRANSIT: RapidKL, presumably?] operating from Jalan Sultan outside Pasarama Kota will also relocate its operations.

Iconic structure: The Klang Bus Stand will soon make way for the MRT project. Image courtesy of The Star.

All passengers heading to Klang, Port Klang and Banting will have to board their buses at Pudu Sentral (formerly known as Puduraya) beginning Nov 1, after the relocation.

Bus services at Klang Bus Stand and location of relocation as of 1 November. Graphic courtesy of The Star.

These buses will not be allowed to pick up passengers from any other bus stop in the city centre.

The closure of Pasarama Kota is to facilitate the construction of the new underground Pasar Seni MRT station.

The new MRT station will integrate with the existing Pasar Seni LRT station where passengers can switch from the LRT to the MRT and vice-versa without needing to leave the system or buy new tickets.

Upon completion of the MRT project in 2016, a new bus terminal is expected to be constructed at this location.

Built in the 1970s, the Klang bus station has changed different managements throughout resulting in one reason why it was not properly developed.

However, the symbolic bus stand was an important hub that provided intracity transportation for routes in and around the Klang Valley.

A Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) spokesman said it would release further details concerning the relocation in the weeks to come.

SPAD also apologises for any inconvenience caused to commuters and the public.

Commuters can [TRANSIT: get information?] from the respective bus operators — RapidKL: 03-7885 2585, Cityliner: 03-5512 9434 and Causeway Link: 07-360 2244.


The Klang bus stand has been a very important part of KL’s public transport history but because of poor planning, it has also become a source of problems and congestion.

One cannot forget the de facto “Seremban” bus stand (later relocated closer to Hang Tuah LRT station) which was a major source of congestion in the area. At the same time, the congestion along Jalan Petaling, Jalan Sultan and Jalan Hang Kasturi.

TRANSIT can also not forget the fact that Jalan Sultan Mohammed remains closed at the south end (the Jalan Kinabalu Roundabout) … forcing buses bound for Klang Bus Stand to drive through Jalan Petaling and Jalan Sultan and dealing with significant congestion & delays.

All buses must access the Klang Bus Stand & Jalan Sultan Mohammed bus stand (pictured, above) from Jalan Petaling & Jalan Sultan (the road at the bottom of the picture) - creating a major bottleneck that slows down bus service and reduces reliability. Image courtesy of The Star.

As much as TRANSIT likes the idea of redevelopment and new infrastructure, our big concern is making the existing infrastructure and services better than ever.

One example is the RapidKL buses that you see below. RapidKL has added bus services. These buses are bound for the Jalan Kinabalu roundabout but because of the location, passengers have to walk into the street to board their buses.

These RapidKL buses at "Klang Bus Stand" are actually located under the LRT station structure. Like the buses at "Klang Bus Stand" these buses are bound for the Jalan Kinabalu Roundabout - but they have to take the long way around first in order to get to the station. Image courtesy of Brandon Teoh.

Click here for a larger version of the image above.

Would it not make more sense if the buses were able to access Jalan Sultan Mohammed from the Jalan Kinabalu Roundabout, then turn around into a clear lane at the Klang Bus Stand and then head south again along Jalan Sultan Mohammed to the roundabout again?

We are surprised, to say the least, that the iconic Klang Bus Stand will be closing in such a short period of time. And we can only wonder what will happen with traffic congestion in the area and how buses from the south and east will be able to their way to the urban centre of KL.

TRANSIT believes that if there is to be a closure of Klang Bus Stand (Pasaramakota) there must be a significant expansion of RapidKL’s City Shuttle bus services to help move passengers around through the city.

8 replies on “Klang Bus Stand to cease operations 1 November. Bus services to move to other locations”

Reminds me of schools day where I use to board bus 222 (back then) to Shah Alam

Agree with Transit. If only the authorities can understand the hassle the bus has to go thru before getting to Bus Stand Klang. It would make a BIG difference

But since they’re closing the bus stand down, I dont know how it would be in the future, maybe worst?


Thanks for the comments. We have sent a letter expressing our concerns to Mohd Nur Kamal (CEO) and Azhar Ahmad (COO) at SPAD.

Unfortunately we have not had the opportunity to send a formal proposal to them.

We do expect that while the “Klang Bus Stand” building (the covered bus area under the parking garage) will be closed, the Jalan Sultan Mohammed Bus Stand (the open air bus stand just north of “Klang Bus Stand”) and the “Pasar Seni” bus stand (the RapidKL buses that wait close to the Pasar Seni LRT station structure) will likely remain open.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


Sorry about that. Zul and I have been terribly busy and not able to finish posts.

You should see the long list of articles that we have gone through but not been able to comment on or make conclusions about – hence preventing us from making posts.

We do apologize for the long gap, and we thank our readers for their support & patience in this matter.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Just visited pasar seni afew days ago, no wonder i didnt saw any rapidkl routes like U60, U70 & jln klang lama routes, heard & saw most relocated to ply/loop at kotaraya instead….even some area 4 bukit bintang routes start to enter kotaraya & jln sultan, i guess they be turnin to jln hang jebat otw to maluri/cheras?

There goes the havoc again at the former Puduraya terminal. Cross our fingers, cross our fingers. Why can’t they direct it to Hang Tuah LRT station there??? The Hang Tuah bus station.

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