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Updates #95

Updates #95

1. Letter(s): Make them pay for it / Bus lanes not fully utilised (Malay Mail, 21 July 2011) – two letters complaining about bus lanes and buses & taxis that drop off passengers in live lanes.

DANGEROUS: Buses and taxis stopping in the middle of the road pose a danger not only to their passengers but to other motorists as well. RapidKL, please note your accessible bus (V063) is stopped wrongly. Hopefully this isn't a recent picture

2. Video: KVMRT / MyRapidTransit has posted a series of videos on YouTube showing impressions of new MRT stations. You can see the videos at the KVMRT YouTube Channel.

This particular video is for Bukit Bintang Central (not Sentral) station:

3. Artikel: 35 station Komuter, LRT di naik taraf

4. Artikel: Tambah parkir (Harian Metro, 21 Julai 2011)

5. Artikel: Stesen LRT Chan Sow Lin tiada tempat letak kereta

6. Article: Register now, school bus operators told (The Star, 20 July 2011)

7. Feedback: TRANSIT noted 3 distinct pieces of feedback on the KL-Singapore High Speed Rail project, namely a letter, an editorial and a commentary

  • Letter: High speed train will move economy (The Star, 18 July 2011) – Esa Adam of Subang Jaya comments on the HSR proposal;
  • Editorial: High-speed trains may be transport of the future (NST, 19 July 2011) – The NST comments on the improvements seen from the KL-Ipoh double tracking & suggests that more High-Speed Rail projects should be considered;
  • Commentary: Making use of existing infrastructure (The Star, 20 July 2011) – Columnist Risen Jayaseelan argues that investment needs to be made into KTMB (double tracking & electrification) should be completed & evaluated before looking at HSR

8. Letter: Penalise bus and taxi drivers who stop in the middle of the road – TCK of Petaling Jaya demands more enforcement from SPAD on buses and taxis that stop in the middle of the road.

One reply on “Updates #95”

Good to see some improved integration points compared to the initial proposal.
Just curious though on the need for an overhead link at BB Central station. The video shows some sort of an underground entrance right to the west of the monorail station. If so, a more direct link between the two stations could have been possible.

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