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BET Update: Two new routes to be introduced 18 July for 3 months testing period

TRANSIT took note of the following information from RapidKL’s twitter feed @MyRapidKL, announcing the start of two additional RapidBET routes, BET-7 and BET-8.

Service on these routes, during working weekdays, will start on 18 July, for a 3 month test period.

BET-7 (Sri Nilam – Lebuh Ampang) has departures from Sri Nilam at 0645, 0700, 0715, and 0730hrs.

BET-8 (Semenyih Sentral – Psr Seni) has departures from Semenyih Sentral to KL at 0630 & 0700hrs and return trips from KL at 1730 and 1800hrs.

We will update you on any articles and the posting of maps or other information about these new bus routes.

5 replies on “BET Update: Two new routes to be introduced 18 July for 3 months testing period”

It’s good to see two more routes. We would also like to Know what is RapidKL planning to do with suburb travel. Wouldn’t it be better if we have routes from suburb to suburb such as Serdang to Puchong or Selayang to Wangsa Maju bypassing the city? Would you like to see a drop in the congestion in Kesas, NKVE, LDP and other roads in no time.


Your point about suburb-suburb BET routes is a good one and worth mentioning to the government & SPAD.

From what we have heard the original plan for the BET route was that each BET route would be based on an existing bus route – in order to get past the need for new permits etc.

Unless the policy has changed, that would mean that a BET route would have to be based on an existing suburb-suburb bus route … and there are very few of those.

Our biggest question is what is RapidKL’s plans for the Bas Ekspres routes – as these would complement the BET services. We would also like to see all-day BET services (perhaps a bus every hour) as opposed to the commuter-services that are currently offered.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


It seems like RapidKL is giving us the impression that BET will only ruin during peak hours similar to the Fast Forward in Singapore.

I would like to see suburb-suburb routes instead of BETs. They can depart from a train station, connect residetial areas and major landmarks and terminate at another station.

It’s time to have more ring routes instead of only buses departing from suburbs and terminate in the city.


Again, you are correct that we need more suburb-suburb bus services. Back in 2006 RapidKL had a decent network but they never followed up on the necessary expansion of suburb-suburb routes … and then Suffian Baharuddin “revamped” the system to “streamline” routes.

Just have to point out that BET is not just a RapidKL initiative. It is actually through Pemandu. RapidKL just happens to be offering 6 out of the 8 routes (BET 1-4 and the future BET-7 & BET-8 while Setara Jaya offers BET-5 & BET-6.

So really the ones we should be talking to are Pemandu. You could try their blog or twitter feed. GTP-Roadmap!/gtp_roadmap

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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