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MRT Update: Proposed TTDI MRT station location shifted

TRANSIT took note of this article indicating that the location for the TTDI MRT station has been shifted in response to feedback from residents.

The new location will be closer to the Caltex petrol station on Jalan Damansara – still well within TTDI, but further away from residential areas.

Proposed TTDI MRT station shifted (NST)
By Noel Achariam

Residents of Jalan SS20/10, Taman Tun Dr Ismail are happy that the proposed MRT station will be shifted elsewhere. — Picture by Mohd Kamil Rahim, NST.

KUALA LUMPUR: Residents of Jalan SS20/10 in Damansara Utama are relieved that Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd (SPNB) will not be building the proposed Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) MRT station in their neighbourhood.

According to the residents, the proposed station is expected to bypass their housing scheme and likely to be located next to the Caltex petrol station in Jalan Damansara.

Damansara Utama SS20 Rukun Tetangga chairman Eileen Lim said the residents are grateful to SPNB for listening to their feedback and shifting the station.

“We were informed by Gamuda-MMC last Friday that the proposed station will be shifted to a new location. The residents are grateful and would like to thank all those involved for listening to their grouses,” she said.

Lim added the residents, however, are still concerned about the noise pollution that would come when the MRT line runs through their neighbourhood.

“We are very happy that they have listened to the residents here, but we hope they can do something about the noise from the elevated track,” she said.

Lim said that she will also be sending a petition to the Land Public Transport Commission, calling for the entire Sungei Buloh/Kajang MRT line to run underground.

A resident who only wanted to be known as Chong, 60, said the residents are happy that the station will be shifted.

“We are pleased to find out that our green belt will not be acquired for development. All neighbourhoods must have green areas,” he said.

Also present at the event were PJ councillors Mak Khuin Weng and Richard Y.W. Yeoh.

SPNB had proposed to acquire and develop the green area, which is 2m from the residents’ homes, as a car park and truck access for the TTDI MRT station staff.

More than 50 residents came out to protest two weeks ago at the proposed TTDI MRT site.


We will keep you updated on the topic if more news arrives.

15 replies on “MRT Update: Proposed TTDI MRT station location shifted”

still dun understand why ttdi stn not moved to damansara uptown, which is accesible from ttdi, d jaya, tropicana city mall. Just find that ttdi is too near to 1Utama stn.


The challenge of turning from LDP – Jalan Damansara and Jalan Damansara – Sprint Highway is a lot easier to manage than the challenge of LDP – Sprint Highway.

Taking the MRT through TTDI also means that it will be shorter in length (approximately 2 km) meaning that additional construction costs can be saved.

I see it being very likely that the Tropicana City Shuttle from Kelana Jaya LRT station will find itself being extended to TTDI – meaning that MRT and LRT passengers will be able to connect to Tropicana City. If D’sara Uptown management consider the advantage they will probably implement their own shuttle bus service as well.

With the new link between the LDP & Jalan Damansara, it will be possible to run a one-way shuttle / feeder bus route in a “figure 8” configuration that services TTDI and Damansara Uptown.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

You asked for it and you get it. In future, if they feel that they need to walk longer to get to the MRT, they should not complain. Instead, they should remember that they asked for it!!

The shift is probably not more than 500m from the originally-planned site – but the new location will be terrible for “walk-up” customers and we may see a terrible “bus and taxi oriented” design (like Sri Rampai LRT station).

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

What the fuss?? Vast majority of TTDI residents are damned rich with all kinds of expensive and fancy vehicles, since they ask for the shift of stations if they “suffer” any inconveniences or opportunity in the future, that is their problems, they have no one to blame too. Let them be “HAPPY” and that might let to “SADNESS” later which they never realised. I think all of you fellow Malaysians know very well that we Malaysians always learn the hard ways, advice them properly but never want to accept it. Just let them be lah!!! Let them learn a BIG lesson of their LIFE for them to be sober and enlightened!!!

and in 10 years’ time, they’ll complained why they didn’t go underground in the first place. or they can build a monorail to service the areas between 1utama and kelana jaya.


It is quite possible that some kind of connecting service will be built between the MRT and LRT. As you know, Prasarana had proposed a link from Sg. Buloh to the LRT station. And a monorail from Damansara Perdana (or heaven forbid, Flora Damansara) to Kelana Jaya LRT station would be a nice thing to see.

However, as you know, TRANSIT would prefer to see a north-south MRT/LRT line in Petaling Jaya, ideally connected to extensions of the Ampang LRT line – we feel that this would be a much better investment than a monorail.

I suppose the most amazing possibility would be the actual interlining of the Ampang LRT and Sg. Buloh – Kajang MRT trains through TTDI and Bandar Utama. And why not? The trains are 5m difference in length and they will share railway gauge. If they could be designed with the same power subsystem and gauntlet track be put in place (since the LRT trains are 30cm narrower) then they could actually share the same tracks & stations.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Since TTDI residents are SO DAMN RICH as claimed by Jeffrey, shall we ask them pay for the cost overruns if they insist on underground?


Actually, why not? MBPJ and SPAD can figure out the compound for the additional cost of running underground, as well as the additional assessment value from the houses as the MRT runs through the area, and then do what they need to do to capture the increased value through a special assessment that would be used to pay for the cost of undergrounding the MRT.

In fact, MBPJ should be looking at increasing their assessment and pulling more revenue out of the houses – value capture – which could then be used to fund additional bus services etc. If they miss out on this opportunity it would be quite a waste.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

OMG! This is absolutely terrible.. “Don’t fix when it ain’t broke”. The original site is no doubt the better alternative ! (of course I’m not comparing with Dsara Uptown or others). Yes, totally agreed with Moaz, there are thousands of walk-up passengers right at the center of activities and attractions. We have DSHospital just down the station stairs. We have the pasar besar adjacent. We have all connection to daily necessities from restaurants to banks to paying bills & insurance… all just at the footsteps.. There is new Sinaran kondo next door… We have around-the-clock VADS employees and hundreds other companies in VADS building.. etc etc. But now, all their dream for a MRT station within reasonable walking distance hancur berkecai.. Pity the buzy silent majority.. Now, someone can say the ‘last-mile-connection’ is by bus, taxi, prebet sapu, pick & drop etc etc.. Meh..

Secondly, the original location is located at the road junction making ‘last mile connection’ from all directions, possible & flexible. But the new location beside Caltex is on close-road with no near junctions, interchange, u-turn etc.. Moaz stated a very good illustration as Sri Rampai LRT station..

I wonder how SPAD/Prasarana can bowed to the pressure of the ‘tong-drum’ minority that never considerate others esp the direct user & beneficiaries of MRT transportation. As can be seen in the picture, they are retirees, housewives etc that would never ever use MRT for any sake. Things and solutions arrived in very weird style these days..

I am not familiar with TTDI location. By reading the replies posted here, especially on Azmi’s description on the the surrounding areas of the original station location, it does sound to me that a meaningful location is forsaken due to pressure put up by the local residents.

While it is commedable that Prasarana is taking the residents’ views into consideration (and rightfully they should be), the decision made should not be at the expense of the conveniences of would-be MRT commuters. A station should be easily accessbile to walk-up commuters, just like KLCC station. It seems like Prasarana has not learnt the lesson from present day LRT woes. Prasarana need to put up a 3rd option instead of just conveniently relocate the station.

I think it is not fair just to attack the TTDI residents only. The bukit Bandaraya residents is also asking for the MRT to go underground. And as for the protest of the earlier proposed TTDI station, the most vocal protester/objection would be from the residents of Damansara Utama/Kim whereby the station is just in front of some houses.

Personally, I do not have any objection to the earlier proposed TTDI station but I understand the DU residents worries. And I do have some reservation to the 1 U station which is in front of TV3 though.

Which caltex is it? The caltex near TTDI / The plaza or Caltex on damansara Kim side along jalan damansara?

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