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Awaiting the ‘new’ Penang Hill Railway

TRANSIT took note of this recent feature on the Penang Hill Railway in the Star’s Metro North section on Saturday, 26 March 2011.

The construction of the railway is now complete and the project has been handed over to the Penang Hill Corporation. The reopening is expected in the middle of April 2011.

Railing for a new lease of life – describes how Professor Dr. Jimmy Lim reused some of the old Penang Hill Railway tracks in his design for the Penang Hill Visitor’s Centre.

Drawing of the Penang Hill Visitor's Centre. Image courtesy of The Star.

A new joy ride up the hill – shares the experience of a group of Taiwanese travel agents & media [local or international, we’re not sure] describing in great detail the 20-minute trip up the hill.

Slow or fast ride, that’s the question now – discusses whether the trains should travel up the hill at maximum speed (with a minimum journey time of approximately 5 minutes) or a more ‘leisurely’ pace. The old Penang Hill Railway took 30 minutes including the change between trains.

Just for fun, why not participate in our totally unscientific poll?

2 replies on “Awaiting the ‘new’ Penang Hill Railway”

I hope the opening won’t be delayed and the whole project won’t be politicised. Public transport is not meant to be politicised, it’s solely only 100% meant for the convenience, wellbeings and benefits of the rakyat (people)!!!

@To all readers

I don’t know how old are you, but anyone who lives and survives in this country long enough for at least a quarter century in their adult life, they will learn one very important thing. The government will only know and able to “do work” after they lost a by or general elections. They will only respond to rakyat “genuine grievances/complaints” properly and accurately after the people have shown top boiling agitation/anger motions like street demonstrations that happened in 1990s and when they lost a few states after in the general elections in few years ago. I don’t think that what you said will likely happened if we (the rakyat/people) did not show our true colours, frustations and anger. It’s very unfortunate for me to say that but it is too true to be true, it is the genuine truth/methods about how things work in our country. Eventhough nowadays about “beloved” Prime Minister YAB Mohd Najib said from now on the government will really listen to the grievances and needs of the rakyat, unfortunaetly, everytime when you trying to talk or bargain to any government officials nowadays they are still very defensive although we use facts and reasons to convey our messages. Sometimes before you managed to finish any sentence they’ll try to refute back already. It’s very sad to know that but it’s VERY VERY TRUE, I went through that many times already. On the surface, yes, they make the packaging very nice as if they really willing to listen to the rakyat. But when you are really taling to them face to face, it’s another very different STORY AT ALL 100% DIFFERENT!!!

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