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How about showing some real respect for our Golden Years Citizens?

Last week, TRANSIT took note of the following story in the Star Metro about the various concessions that are offered to senior citizens in Malaysia – which also lamented that some senior citizens did not know that they were entitled to these concessions.

But the images accompanying the article left the members of transit with a mix of feelings – ranging from amusement to disappointment to anger and shame.


Two Golden Years citizens attempt to climb aboard a RapidKL bus. Image courtesy of The Star.



Slowly does it: A senior citizen boarding a bus at the Klang bus station. Image courtesy of The Star.


The photos above show Golden Years citizens forced to climb up to reach buses simply because local governments and bus operators cannot be bothered to construct proper pavements at bus stops, to make sure that they are not occupied by parked cars, and to make sure that the bus drivers come in close to the pavements.

We know this is wrong. RapidKL knows this is wrong. DBKL knows this is wrong. The drivers know this is wrong. Hey, even the people parking in the bus bays (so-called “lay-by areas”) know this is wrong.

So why are we all collectively allowing this to happen? Shouldn’t we be feeling some shame and trying to make it better?

Or do we just comfort ourselves with the idea that, since concessions are being offered, this kind of insulting treatment of our Golden Years citizens is somehow “okay”?

You can read more in the following article,There is a host of benefits for those above 55 (The Star).

Do note that the the 50% discount (for basic rail and bus fares) are provided for BY LAW and are not voluntary by RapidKL or KTMB.


As always, we encourage your comments on these important public transport issues. SPAD, Prasarana and RapidKL should take note. You should not be paying lip service to courtesy and customer service.

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