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Monorail service disrupted twice in two weeks

TRANSIT also took note of the article below, discussing two major service disruptions on the KL Monorail system.

Monorail service disrupted twice in two weeks

Monday, June 21st, 2010

ROUND TWO: After the June 9 technical glitch, today's Monorail service also came to a halt, leaving thousands stranded - Image courtesy of The Malay Mail.

KUALA LUMPUR: It was Monday blues for thousands of commuters when the Monorail service came to a halt at the Bukit Nanas station about 7.15am — the second in two weeks. The latest incident was tweeted on the myrapidkl account about 9am.

It is learnt that RapidKL provided free shuttle trains and buses from the Titiwangsa station to Bukit Bintang; from Bukit Bintang to KL Sentral; and KL Sentral to Raja Chulan in the city center.

RapidKL is still investigating the cause of the service disruption.

The Malay Mail, on June 10, reported that KL Monorail services were disrupted about 3.30pm on June 9 due to a technical failure in the system between two stations, Maharajalela and Hang Tuah. Service resumed at 6am the following day.

During the disruption, two trains were dispatched to shuttle passengers from the Hang Tuah station to Titiwangsa every 20 minutes.

Free bus services by RapidKL were also provided to ferry passengers from the Raja Chulan station to Titiwangsa, and from Raja Chulan, Bukit Bintang and Imbi stations to the Hang Tuah and KL Sentral interchange stations.

Passengers were immediately notified of the disruption through Twitter which was periodically updated.

[TRANSIT: RapidKL has become better and better at updating through their @MyRapidKL twitter feed – but they still have to work to meet the ‘updates every 15 minutes’ which is rapidly becoming the standard for communications during service disruptions.]

Announcements were made at LRT and Monorail Interchange stations in Titiwangsa, Hang Tuah, KL Sentral and Dang Wangi.

[TRANSIT: It would be good if KL Monorail and the LRT stations can introduce outdoor digital signage systems at LRT stations that show service frequency or update passengers in case of delays. This will help keep passengers informed and reduce crowding at stations in the event of a service disruption.]

KL StarRail Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prasarana, was appointed to manage the KL Monorail system since Dec 19, 2007.

The KL Monorail is an intra-city public transit system that links many key destinations within the Kuala Lumpur city area as it passes several major hotels and caters to KL’s central commercial, employment, hotel and shopping districts.

KL Monorail comprises 11 elevated stations spaced between 450 metres and 1.1 kilometres apart.

The 8.6 kilometre-long system links KL Sentral in Brickfields to the Titiwangsa Terminal in Jalan Tun Razak via KL’s ‘Golden Triangle’ central business district.

At Press time, there was no official statement on the matter.


We have sent a statement to the Department of Railways asking for a thorough investigation into the recent service disruptions on the KL Monorail as well as the earlier disruptions of the KTM Komuter service.

TRANSIT views these events as serious incidents that undermine public confidence in the public transport system, and we expect that the Department of Railways (and SPAD, after September 2010) will take a proactive role and work with the operators to prevent such incidents from occurring.

If you were caught in the KL Monorail disruption, please contact TRANSIT and share your experience with us.

3 replies on “Monorail service disrupted twice in two weeks”

Dear Transit,

I like to share with u guys on a incident happened on 26/11/2010. About 9.30 pm , i took a monorail from Bukit Bintang to Titiwangsa. It was crowded. Then come one guy (may be drug addict), very suspicious guy. He stand nearby us and always look around and move around. He carry his beg with his left hand. then he hide his right hand behind the beg. Then, his beg get so close to a housewife handbag. I can’t really tell the lady to be careful cz i would be in danger. So I just look down and around , to the guy. Lucky the guy didnt get to steal things from the lady. The lady was with his children. she stil didnt know at all what happened.. some other commuter know what happen and “run away” from standing near the drug addict. Lucky the lady also have a guy in the group. or else , this drug addict would snatch her begs when they get off at chow kit station.

As such, i like to know what safety measurement that Monorail can play role? and if this beyond their field, i think police should be involved some how., to ensure safety of commuter all time all day.

a) during this ride, there is no usual “reminder” to commuter to be careful with their belongings.

b) if there is unfortunate event happen, what KL monorail can do ? No security officer available during at nite. if got, may be at selected station.

c) CCTV unable to tape, because the drug addict hide his hand behind a beg, to steal things… so can the CCTV able to catch this???i think it’s just impossible..

As long it’s not a bomb scare. Had to go through a lot of delays thanks to bomb scares when taking the London underground.

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