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Puchong Utama bus hub to be operational by August

TRANSIT takes note of this article which announces that construction on a bus hub in Puchong Utama has already begun.

Puchong Utama bus hub to be operational by August

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

FED-UP: Lack of a bus stop causing inconvenience to passengers at Puchong Utama — Picture courtesy of Arif Kartono, Malay Mail

PUCHONG: Have couch will travel is the mark of the land, where kindly souls in Puchong have eased commuters’ pain.

[TRANSIT: The opening sentence is a bit confusing but we think it refers to the couch provided for waiting passengers to sit on.]

However comfortable, such a makeshift amenity does not make up for other deficiencies of this rundown bus stop in Puchong Utama.

The used canopy barely serves as a shelter against sun and rain while the bus stop itself is rather inconveniently located across a wide drain — which requires commuters to jump across whenever the bus arrives.

Problem is, such a leap becomes akin to dicing with danger during a thunderstorm as the drain fills up rapidly and the waste water hides its true width.

Just how long more need commuters put up with this travesty?

“There is a notice next to this bus stop put up since early this year stating it would be upgraded by May 17,” said a nearby resident, who wanted to be known only as Mohamad.

“It is now already June and I have yet to see any upgrading.”

“School children wait hours for a bus, which seems to run on its own schedule and is very undependable.”

Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd group communications general manager Ebi Azly Abdullah said: “The Puchong Utama bus hub is one of Prasarana’s upgrading projects.”

It is learnt the project also involves construction of covered waiting areas, benches, five bus bays, a bus regulator kiosk with toilets, architectural works and street lightings.

“Prasarana is always aware of customers and public’s needs and works to improve on amenities for their comfort,” Ebi told The Malay Mail.

“Construction works commenced in February and is expected to be completed by August.”

[TRANSIT: And yet, people there are saying they have seen no construction works commence – so who is correct?]

He said Prasarana’s RapidKL bus service welcomes feedback from the public — which can be sent by caling the Helpline at 03-7885 2585 from 7am to 8.30pm on weekdays and from 8.30am to 5.30pm on weekends or via email to

Updates on RapidKL services can also be obtained via twitter @MYrapidKL.


We are happy to see that Prasarana is making some effort to improve on local public transport by building proper bus hubs. Now, we invite them to use the new set of 400 buses + 75 smaller buses to improve local public transport services.

One reply on “Puchong Utama bus hub to be operational by August”

Thank you Prasarana. Hope there there will be a special task force as to act as the “motivation needs” towards the maintaining of an excellent managing and upgrading system of the bus service on hand always. Thank you.

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