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Canine abuse issue: Animal rights group mulls suing KTMB and Selayang council

The abuse of a stray dog at KTM’s Kepong Sentral Komuter station received attention from the local media recently – and it reached the attention of TRANSIT because it took place at and around a KTM station, because KTMB employees were involved, and because it reflects some of the concerns we have over KTM’s attitude to safety outside and around KTM stations.

TRANSIT has seen KTM’s statement on the matter of the dog and they have accepted partial responsibility. Hence, we do not wish to parcel out blame here.

We want to see KTM acknowledge that they need to train their employees to change their workplace culture to one of quality and service and kindness and respect – so stories like this, as well as stories of poor service and disinterested employees are never associated with KTM again.

Canine abuse: Animal rights group mulls suing KTMB and Selayang council (Malay Mail)

PETALING JAYA: The saga of a stray dog found chained on March 15 at the Kepong Sentral railway station with a length of wood stuffed into its mouth has ended sadly 46 days later with its death.

With the canine’s death, animal rights body Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) are now mulling legal action against KTM Bhd (KTMB) for allowing such an incident to happen at its premises. MDDB representative, M. Mala told The Paper That Cares the organisation would hold a meeting today with members and lawyers to discuss further action.

“We do not need KTMB’s money.

“The lawsuit does not mean we want monetary compensation. Our claims would include getting KTMB to adopt an animal shelter or to sponsor the ‘trap, neuter, release’ programme.

The canine’s death is just another reason why justice should be sought against animal abuse. She said this was not the first such incident to have resulted in an animal’s death.

The dog’s plight was noticed by a commuter on March 15, who had then complained about the canine’s maltreatment to KTMB staff and the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS).

KTMB president Dr Aminuddin Adnan confirmed the stray dog was captured by railway staff on March 14. The dog had apparently been roaming the Kepong station for almost two years and was a nuisance — attacking and biting passengers at both the station’s parking area and ticketing counter.

KTMB had lodged several reports with the council on this stray dog. The canine was captured by KTMB staff a day after the last report was lodged with the council.

But, upon receiving the commuter’s complaint, the stray dog — now aptly dubbed “KTM” — was released and it had apparently, since, stayed away from the Kepong station.

Some time later, “KTM” was captured by the council and identified by Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor members at the council’s pound. The canine was bailed out and handed to MDDB for rehabilitation.


KTMB declined to comment on MDDB’s claims at Press time. SPCA Selangor assistant manager of public relations and marketing, Jacinta Johnson, expressed her sadness over the loss of “KTM”, saying the death was terrible due to the circumstances he was in.

“Such animal abuse isn’t something new. But, what happened to “KTM” was simply terrible and unacceptable.”


As above – we do not wish to judge KTM employees but frankly, our actions are a reflection of who we are – and no one with a conscience can condone the abuse of an animal in this manner. The photos of the animal – which are very disturbing (see the article) – make us wonder.

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