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KLIA – LCCT for ERL is still under discussion

TRANSIT took note of this short video from The Star Online TV discussing the proposed extension of the Express Rail Link from KLIA to the new LCCT terminal

KLIA – LCCT for ERL is still under discussion –


We’re waiting – but to be fair, ERL has come up with a reasonable solution with the bus service to the LCCT – so we dont mind waiting a little bit longer.

Taking the ERL and bus to the LCCT is faster and more convenient than taking the bus and cheaper than the taxi any day.

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I’d say the gain in time is not tremendous compared to the bus solution, depending on the congestion in KL. It also has the inconvenient of requiring one stopover.
BTW, ERL is undergoing some renovation these days, there’s no direct train to KLIA during weekdays after 11pm and during weekends.

So means that passengers on transfer flights have to actually PAY to get between KLIA and LCCT ? This still wouldn’t solve the two-in-one airport question would it ?


It would depend on how far away the “new” LCCT is from the old one, and whether or not there is an “Aerotrain” (internal people-mover) connection between the terminals.

Passengers currently traveling between KLIA and LCCT have to use a very low quality coach service – so if they choose to take the train it would definitely be an improvement.

Frankly, I think ERL Sdn. Bhd. should have just offered a free bus between KLIA and LCCT for ERL ticket holders instead of the service from Salak Tinggi. It would be a lot faster and they would not have to worry about getting CVLB permits (since the service is free).

Regards, Moaz

I liked this!! as I travel most on Air Asia.. 😉 but why so late ? why only after LCCT operated for years??


The current LCCT is a refurbished and expanded cargo terminal – it was built as quickly as possible so that Malaysia could have an LCCT. Apparently it is only a coincidence that the LCCT at KLIA opened 2 days before the LCCT at Changi in Singapore.

The debate over a permanent LCCT has gone back & forth – with Air Asia calling for the LCCT to be built at Subang or allowing them to build their own KLIA East @ Labu airport.

The final agreement for the location of the permanent LCCT (near the KLIA main terminal building) was only inked last week.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

ERL terms and condition :
1. The MonthlyCard is valid for travel within 31 days (maximum 60 trips).
2. The WeeklyCard is valid for travel within 7 days (maximum 14 trips).
3. The TravelCard is applicable only between stations encoded in your card. Travel to other stations is possible but chargeable at full fare per trip.

Terms and condition ini digunakan untuk Multi-Trip Ticket card. Untuk condition yang ke-3, kami sebagai pengguna tidak tahu dan pihak ERL tidak menyatakan apakah stesen yang telah di kodkan di dalam kad Multi-Trip ini. (Tidak dinyatakan semasa pembelian kad/tidak tertera sebarang nama stesen di kad yang di beli)

Pengguna juga tidak tahu mengenai pelbagai jenis kad yang ada. Kad yang telah di beli di stesen Salak Tinggi dengan kad yang dibeli di Putrajaya adalah 2 jenis kad yang berbeza. (Informasi yang tidak dinyatakan dan tidak jelas).

Pengguna yang sebelum ini membeli kad daripada Salak Tinggi terpaksa membeli kad sekali lagi untuk penggunaan di Putrajaya di mana setiap kad ini di caj sebanyak RM10. (Membebankan pengguna kerana terpaksa membeli kad yang baru. Ini menunjukkan sistem ERL tidak fleksibel)

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