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Updates #47

Updates #47

1. Letter: Deploy cops at train stations to deter pickpockets (The Star) – K.L. from Serdang comments on security issues on KTM at Serdang and KL Sentral stations.

2. Two articles about the Rawang bus terminal:

The sky-bridge connects the Rawang Bus Terminal to adjacent office lots. — Picture by P.C. Lim for Streets-NST

give different stories about the status of the new terminal. The terminal was completed 6 months ago but has yet to be opened because the CVLB permits direct all buses to use the old terminal (200m away) instead. However, the terminal should be open soon.

3. Article(s): Many newspapers covered the fire of a Metrobus on Jalan Silang, KL on 25 April. Instead of covering the articles, we will just share the photo with you.

Metrobus on fire on Jalan Silang near Kota Raya department store in Kuala Lumpur.

4. Articles: Council discussing possible routes for buses in Petaling Jaya (The Star) and MBPJ sets up Rapid PJ bus service (Malay Mail) both discuss a plan for additional local bus route service in Petaling Jaya.

[TRANSIT: We will follow up on this initiative by the MBPJ with more information in the near future.]

5. Article: No city tour for 40 tourists (The Star) – reports of touting and Van Sapu (illegal vans) led to this ‘sting’ operation on tourists who take “Van Sapu” from Penang Airport.

6. Article: Taxi drivers can help keep tourists safe (Star-Metro) – report on an initiative in Kuching to have taxi drivers become the ‘eyes and ear’ of the police.

7. Article: Most number of complaints against cabbies (The Star) – a summary of complaints to the CVLB shows that most complaints are against errant taxi drivers.

8. Article: Bullet trains not right for inner city (Malay Mail) – a response to a question about bullet trains in the current Senate sitting.

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