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ITT Bandar Tasik Selatan 80% complete

TRANSIT takes note of this article about the status of the construction of the Bandar Tasik Selatan Intermodal Transport Terminal (ITT):

Bandar Tasik Selatan bus terminal near completion (Malay Mail)

Azreen Hani
Thursday, March 11th, 2010

PETALING JAYA: The bus terminal for passengers bound south is in its final stages of completion.

Bandar Tasik Selatan Integrated Transportation Terminal Southern Sector (ITT-S), project manager from Maju Holdings Sdn Bhd, Ghazali Abdul Latif, said about 80 per cent of the construction work has been completed, with the remaining involving road works, and refining and furnishing the terminal and its surrounding areas.

“Everything is on schedule. We will be done by the scheduled date of Nov 19,” Ghazali told The Malay Mail yesterday.

“We are satisfied with the progress.” However, he said, although the construction will be completed by November, it’s up to the Transport Ministry to decide when the terminal will be opened to the public.

On concerns by residents of Bandar Tasik Selatan that the terminal area will be congested, Ghazali said numerous assessments had been carried out before development was approved by the ministry.

He said the terminal will have an organised road system and an integrated computer system to monitor traffic flow.

Safety and security will be a priority with the terminal having a CCTV system.

“This will enable us to record the buses moving in and out of the terminal.”

“The terminal will not be like any other. It can be likened to a mini-airport, where there will be a waiting room for passengers before boarding the bus, as well as other features,” he said.

Commuters can expect to be comfortable in the terminal. The air-conditioned terminal can hold a maximum of 800 south-bound buses daily. Other amenities include shops, a luggage store as well as a prayer room.

The six-floor building will also house 21 bus departure bays, 18 arrival bays, 31 bays for long haul taxis and 1,372 carpark lots. The hub will be disabled friendly and will feature a host of dining facilities.


This is a pleasant piece of news if you are interested in public transport infrastructure. The Bandar Tasik Selatan terminal should be a very interesting addition to the public transport landscape.

Like many examples of recent public transport infrastructure, the terminal appears relatively inaccessible for pedestrians. Expect to see people walking up ramps used by cars & buses occasionally.

Overall, Bandar Tasik Selatan will make a big difference for public transport infrastructure and improve connections between the intercity bus system and KL International Airport (through the Express Rail Link).
We at TRANSIT are looking forward to seeing two very crucial changes that we hope to see when Bandar Tasik Selatan opens up.

First, there has to be fewer LCCT buses at the KL Sentral terminal. In fact, we can only hope that the CVLB will force some of the services to shift from KL Sentral to Bandar Tasik Selatan

Second, there has to be fewer buses at Puduraya. Bus operators serving the southbound links should already be looking at shifting from Puduraya to Bandar Tasik Selatan and the developer should ensure that existing Southbound bus operators have priority for docking space.

39 replies on “ITT Bandar Tasik Selatan 80% complete”

I am using the MRR2 everyday.
I am now very worry about the enormous no. of buses pour into MRR2 which is currently already very congested especially during peak hours.
I am very scared of some reckless bus drivers too..


Thank you for your comment. We do share your concerns.

The Integrated Transport Terminal is designed to have space to accommodate the staging of buses – after dropping off passengers, buses will wait on the grounds of the terminal in a specially-designed holding/staging area before being called into the departure area.

Whether or not there will be congestion on the MRRII depends more on the enforcement and the docking fees that are charged to the buses – as some may prefer to avoid those docking fees by parking in illegal areas.

Hopefully, the SPAD and JPJ will be very proactive about enforcement when the new terminal is opened (presumably in November 2010).

The early test will be the Chinese New Year holiday in 2011.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Long waited BTS Terminal schedule to complete earlier, EXCELLENT!

After the completion of BTS-(ITT-S) by Maju Holding, who will be managing the BTS terminal or still under the care of Maju Holding.

Hi Dasheenya

Thanks for your comment. At this time, we do not know who will be managing the BTS terminal, but we expect it will be Maju Holdings or UDA Mall (current manager of Puduraya).

Our preference would be to have a management company that is dedicated to public transport. For that reason, we would like the “New” RapidKL to manage the terminal (as well as other terminals).

Of course, we would have to create a “New” RapidKL first.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I witness the building constructed from the scratch when I use the MRR2 but at the time I didn’t know what building that was until late Jan-10.

Would like to know how many small Shop Lots or Kioks are available inside the BTS terminal. (e.g Kedai Makan, Kedai Jual Air Minuman, Jual Tibits, Surat Khabar and etc).

I am interested to rent a unit and I would appreciate if you could advise who would be the right person to liaise with to rent a unit inside BTS terminal.


Hi Dashman – we believe that the terminal will likely be managed by UDA Mall (manager of Puduraya) or a subsidary. We will put you in contact with UDA Mall as soon as possible.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


Similair to Dashman, I am also interested to rent a shop on this building(especially food court), kindly please include me in the loop whenever there is an opening


Yesterday i passed by lately at night and saw that the terminal is lighted. So i believed that is going to ready soon.
Actually i’m intersted to rent a unit , so could u put me in contact with the management or the right person to talk to for the rent inside BTS terminal.


I’m also interested in renting a space. Would appreciate if you could put me in touch with the management. Thank you very much

I’m sure ITT will make a good business especially foodcourt. I do hope thesame as our friend before me interested on renting the shoplot.

it looks like there is no access road from desa petaling although it just besides the ITT. There should be at least a pedestrian road for an easy access by users from desa petaling & salak south. PUSPEN (persada) should be remove & more access road to ITT can be built. As a result, there should be lesser congestion to MRR2

Im interested to rent a shoplot or kiosk unit in ITT. I would appreciate if you could put me in contact with the Management to further discuss about leasing in ITT.

Put me in too. I believe although the priority will be given to the current business operator in PUDU, by looking at the size of it, there will be more space to rent.

Hello transitmy,

I would like to ask your favour. I am very interested to rent a kiosk space or small shop lot in this ITT-S Bandar Tasik Selatan. I hope you can guide me on how and to whom do I need to apply for the space.

Please keep me on the loop at once you know who will be appointed to manage this place.

Really appreciate your help and consideration.


Hello there.
i am very interested to rent a kiosk space or small shop lot in ITT-BTS Station. Appreciate if you can direct me the contact to the person in charge.
Thank you in advance. B.Regards,

Hi there,

I am also interested in renting a stall/kiosk at the BTS ITT. Would really appreciate it if Transit could provide us the contact details of the relevant party. Thanks!

Hello transitmy,

I’ve been calling to follow up on who will manageITT-BTS Station since last year..Please keep me posted once the operator is selected so that I can deal with them on renting the shop unit.

Thank you so much.

Dear all,

ASM Properties Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of Maju Holdings) is responsible for the leasing and management of this ITT.

Kindly contact Dr Alvin (GM) or Mr David (leasing exec) for further info. they can be contacted at 03-2772 8500

ASM Properties Sdn Bhd is the current management for Maju Junction Mall.

Hi @itsme, do you have some evidence to confirm this? At last check, it was being suggested that UDA Mall was bidding for the ownership and management contract for Bandar Tasik Selatan.

Perhaps there is a separate company responsible for the management and leasing, but TRANSIT would like to see some evidence such as a letter of appointment, to prove that ASM Properties is responsible as you state.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I am interested to rent a unit of kiosk or shop lot and I would appreciate if you could advise who would be the right person to liaise with to rent a unit inside BTS terminal.


I’m wondering if there is/are any jobs opportunity in the terminal. Would appreciate if you can assist me.


sorry for the late reply..

You can read the local newspapers on the launching of ITT this 17th October 2010 by our PM. It clearly states there that ASM Properties Sdn Bhd is the company responsible for the leasing and management of the building.

Please call Mr Alvin (General Manager) or Mr David Chong (Leasing executive) for further info. They can be contacted at 03-2772 8500/8888.

Anyone knows how much does it cost to park my car the whole day over there in ITT? if it’s expensive, then, really what’s the point of using public transport isnt it?

To who concern,
Good day,
How can i get to ITT-BTS???
i stay at Kelana Jaya.
Normally i’ll take LRT to bukit jalil.
How abojut ITT-BTS???
need help….

Hi Albert

Take the LRT as before, but stop at Bandar Tasik Selatan station, which is before Bukit Jalil.

Kelana Jaya – Masjid Jamek: RM2.30
Masjid Jamek – Bandar Tasik Selatan: RM1.70

Total is RM5 for your trip.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

when officially this terminal will be open?is it nw which is today, public people cn use all the facilities at BTS?

Hi @Anis

It depends on who you talk to. DBKL approved Jan 1, CVLB originally demanded Jan 1, then gave the bus operators until 15 January, then extended it to 31 January.

And Federal Territories Ministry called for Feb 2, right after Federal Territories Day.

So the answer is, the official launch will be on Feb 2nd and the bus companies will shift at their leisure.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I am interested to rent a unit of kiosk or shop lot and I would appreciate if you could advise who would be the right person to liaise with to rent a unit inside BTS terminal.

Hi Roy

The best thing to do would be to contact the terminal management company which is named T-MAS (Terminal Management And Services). Their contact information can be found at the website for the terminal, which is A link can be found at the left side of our blogsite.

Regards, moaz for TRANSIT

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