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LRT Update: 4-carriage trains for Kelana Jaya Line

By now everyone must be aware that 3 units of the 4-carriage ART Mark II trains have been launched by RapidKL on 30 December 2009.

4-carriage train ad from RapidKL's website. Image courtesy of RapidKL.

Interior Cabin Features:

  • 3-way vertical grab bars (similar to Singapore MRT, Vancouver Skytrain);
  • special area for wheelchair-bound passengers (with seatbelts);
  • alarm lights at the door for the hearing-impaired;
  • flip-in windows for emergencies.

Technical Features:

We are currently waiting on RapidKL to provide this information.

Do enjoy the photos from the trains! We have also collected a few articles for you to read too.


From the 30 December 2009 Soft-Launch:

From the 5 January 2010 “Inspection” by Minister of Transport Ong Tee Keat:



from TWK90

Pixelboard sign showing the arrival of a 4-carriage train. Image courtesy of TWK90
New warning light at the doorway. Image courtesy of TWK90.
Open space for wheelchair bound passengers replaces the (poorly marked) flip-up seats on the old train. Image courtesy of TWK90.
The new RapidKL Logo on the 4-carriage train. Image courtesy of TWK90.
4-carriage trains occupy the whole platform. Image courtesy of TWK90.

From the Media

Interior photo of the new train courtesy of the NST.
Image of 4-carriage train at Kelana Jaya station from Malaysian Insider



Strangely enough, RapidKL forgot to include TRANSIT in the media briefing on 30 December. A spokesperson for RapidKL claimed that this was not an official launching and therefore it was not necessary to invite TRANSIT.

Even more strangely, TRANSIT notes that there was an “inspection” of the 4-carriage trains on Tuesday by Minister of Transport Ong Tee Keat. Again, members of TRANSIT were not invited.

This is, frankly, not polite of RapidKL…especially when they did say that we would be invited.

TRANSIT has been reasonably supportive of Prasarana and RapidKL in their efforts to improve public transport. We have worked where we are able, pointed out gaps and made suggestions for improvement. We have carried out our role to the best of our ability.

Should we feel disappointed or snubbed? Or just let it go and be happy about the new trains?

Maybe we will just reserve comment now. The main thing is that the trains are here and they are finally operating. More will come by the end of this month and service will improve.

It seems that public transport in Malaysia is slowly starting to get back on track (pardon the pun).

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