RapidKL employees seem to be operating the trains. Image courtesy of TRANSIT

RapidKL employees seem to be operating the trains. Image courtesy of TRANSIT

14 replies on “RapidKL employees seem to be operating the trains. Image courtesy of TRANSIT”

About the coaches……

Just want to know if LRT coaches as such consume less energy (electrical) than the now newly advance saving energy emission buses appeared in the States. Blog on to Advance Technology Saving Emission Energy Coaches or something …..can’t remember. If futuristic LRT lines need lots of energy to operate, it would likely to increase the nation deficit, I think. Thank for reading.


By their very nature, trains are far more efficient in energy use than an automobile.

First, once a train has accelerated to a cruising speed, it requires very little energy to keep it moving.

Second, when a train slows down, energy can be recaptured through the braking system

Third, a train is larger and longer than a car or bus and therefore, is capable of carrying more people.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Just want to say mobile vehicles can be altered easily of its placement system while a train cannot. For example we can change bus routes and bus demands more easily than train tracks or line. If we have some timing system for mobile vehicles we need not worry about traffic congestions so much. I see the rail system is rather more to have a transport system on par with other places. It is not that I am discouraging the rail system, it is just that the I am only making a suggestion that we can quickly solve the transportation budget and public demand by a rigid planning bus system (preferably of having more ‘green’ buses) on a timing system. Oh, how I wish I can help you now. You see, if you have a permanent rail line tracking system, once surronding developments take place, building them is easy but demolishing is costly. Kuala Lumpur is a new city and its history is unlike Singapore. When Singapore had Kuala Lumpur’s population as now, I am sure the MRT had already been advanced as the phase of development is rather different between the two cities. The inhabitants in Kuala Lumpur vicinity just doubled so quickly. And would they be staying permanently or later leave for greener pastures? Malaysia on the whole has so much opportunities. And you know the network connections depends on this capital hub. What I mean, in order to get a satisfying urban planning system at this time with the given Ampang-Kelana Line as the basic example to hold on, please be very careful in implementing the tracks. I know the urge to rush is there due public tensions but you can always explain about having a futuristic well-planned Kuala Lumpur. Do you know Kuala Lumpur has been so ugly in certain areas? I suppose corruption has a part to play in forming the city view. One building top up here this way and another top up that way. It is just an unorganized plan. Say, if we have the Subang extensions, what would happen immediately? Speaking in terms of buildings, I am sure some form or rather of some demolishment would have to take place in the future if not now (maybe, like I say as of my house in Taman Bahagia). So, if given the chance to implement quickly an efficient public transport system, I would encourage a ‘green buses service’ as soon as possible. It just the matter of how you get into the person’s psych to make him or her realized the convienency in riding the bus (hopefully meant to be efficient). By the way China has produced the best enviromental friendly or fuel saving buses around. After having the planned bus service meant specially to for the needy individuals, then we can really seat down not only to planned how we want our rails to be in Kuala Lumpur but also the likely connections to other states. I should say The Keretapi Tanah Melayu train was a very well-planned train system servicing our population, then. Don’t you think so? With remarkable fast consideration for a well planned public transportation, racing for advancement with other countries is no longer a need as the priority to satisfy the peoples’ hearts should and could be able to achieve. With great thanks.

Good Morning,

After recapturing what I have uttered, I shall give my
suggestion as follows:

1) Reinvent bus lanes again. There were doing so
well I thought, why abolish it?

2) Extra buses for peak hours:

6am – 9am
5pm – 8pm

3) Peak hours drivers are people:

i) who are drivers who would want to work
overtime after change of shift
ii) who are ordinarily people who want to work
part time
iii) ordinarily may include students, retirees,
therefore the unemployed, not forgetting
iv) Even the employed are welcome

4) Therefore, of course it would be nice to have an
attractive hourly pay. You can decide about this.
Perhaps one may work only peak hours but
only on condition because if everybody starts to
drive at the expensive peak hours, nobody would
want to work on the normal hours.

5) Again, I stress that no matter how hard it is, please
give priority to bus lanes, especially towards
congested routes. This may create some
slowdow for cars but hopefully people will learn to
take the bus, too.

6) Therefore, please have likely bus stops around
housing areas. This may create some parking
problems for residents and bus riders as they
would tend to park around the housing areas to
catch the buses at the bus spots. But unlike
the LRT, as bus stops can be found at so many
covenient spots near or at their door steps. Do tell
residents that it is only a temporary problem.

7) Thus, please look into the supply of more buses.

8) As it is to meet immediate demands of bus riders
please do no bother if they are going to have extra-
gravant buses or not. Please use more fundings
on used but still maintanable buses eventhough
we have to get it overseas.

9) A ‘Ride The Buses To Work/Places’ campaign
should on as soon as possible. Newspapers, TV,
leaflets, big banners (along the highway perhaps
where people are aware), supermarkets or
shopping malls.

10) Please do not think I am discouraging the LRT.
This bus suggestion is only to help in the
present complaining situation. Actually our
transportation is not that poor, I think. Only
thing it needs a little replanning here and there
(such as above). What a rider needs is only
a SMOOTH RIDE home. No waitings and
no accidents, right?

11) Given the above basic guide, here comes the
planning of the routes. If you have more buses
plying on the roads I don’t see why you can’t
have more expanding routes.

12) With the cooperation of the residents (awareness)
is important before you start anchoring bus stops

13) The adverstising campaign must be bold.
So that when people start talking about it, here
starts the good sign of your implementation.

14) Since Malaysia has so close ties with oil rich
Arabia countries, I am sure, I wouldn’t mind
having their used coaches. Or even our
neighbours, Singapore or Brunei and so forth.

15) Try beautifying and making more seats for
bus stops. While doing so, you can have
temporary ones like canopy or zinc shelters.

16) Please, please remember rubbish bins.
You won’t encourage riders as they themseves
tend to litter.

17) I think that’s for the time being. I imagine myself
taking a bus ride beside the bus stop right outside
my house, all the way to the Federal Highway,
switch buses to Prasarana all on a smooth bus

!8) Sorry, if you think I am talking rubbish and thank
you for your kind consideration for me to waste so
much space.


Hi Kwee-Ting

Thanks for your feedback. It seems that the comment was approved so it should appear. There is no problem on our side that we know of at the moment.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Alright, I’ll summarize it:

1) Reinvent bus lanes

2) More buses on peak hours

3) More bus stops at residential areas

4) Awareness to residents important

5) Litter bins important

6) Ride buses to work/places campaign intensified

7) Import used buses from rich countries to reach

8) Hire part-timers or overtimers with high hourly pay
on conditions

Thank you for your consideration.

Hello, Moaz!
My pettion of signatures to either delay or stop the Kelana-Subang Line from being extended was unsuccessful because mainly residents:

1) don’t want to get involve
2) don’t know English (I don’t read or write Chinese)
3) have to ask their Singapore counterparts

Most of the signatures were mainly from residents of corner houses.

I suppose if the Line ever continues to Subang, the Singaporeans would just love it! For example, guests of OCBC Bank in Masjid Jamek, espceially from Singapore need not bother to ask their Malaysian friends how to get to Subang. Believe me, it would be a hit with Singaporeans! And yes, Subang would be filled with Singaporeans and perhaps a second Singaporean township…….Anyway, it’s so easy for Singaporeans to own houses nowadays. Well, If Prasanana’s budget is only meant for the Ampang and Kelana Line, by the time they have to build other Lines, it would be too late! I mean in preventing foreign invasions! I read there’s an advertisement to woo foreign retirees to …….twinkle, twinkle little stars, how I wonder what you are………? Gd Nite, Moaz. and it is a WARNING MESSAGE!

Dear Moaz,
I need to express something for our Unity so that our divided minds could be strengthened with hopes of a United Government as soon as possible:


Muhibbah, muhibbah!
Let’s us all hear it
The song that
Brought us to
Beliefs of unity
But now
Lost in disunity

Muhibbah! Muhibbah!
Mention its name
Will bring memories
Why we’re so
United before
As Malaysians
For Malaysians

Muhibbah! Muhibbah!
Lost in disunity
But buried
In unity
Deep, deep
Down the
Spirits of
Malaysian hearts

Muhibbah! Muhibbah!
In tribute to BN
In salute to PRM
As the one party
That will dig
And dig
And dig
Till the soul of
Muhibbah revives!

The Letter contents to Muhyiddin:

Request for an appointment to meet Tuan in the hope of unity of the Malay people:

I may be an outsider from a different race but it is my great hope to see the Malay people united again. So, that it would give comfort to other races to unite for the sake of the country.

I am a bachelor degree holder in Sociology and Chinese Studies and now pursuing my masters degree in Environmental Management at UKM. It must also be let known that I am now under psychiatric care. I was also a very active student from SMK Sri Aman. And now I am waiting the response for my application to join PKR.

My involvement in my correspondence with US, China and Russia is still existing and I feel by seeking their support would give me the support to carry out my intentions for a unified government. I apologize to be involved in the matter as an outsider but it is my great hope to see our people degrading cultures regain its virtues and not be destroyed without deep consideration.

Before I end, I would like to tell you that I have published a little poem book and I have mentioned about how my wish to enter University Malaya was being disqualified long time ago. That was the past. However, I now feel that University Malaya should be able to regain its world status again, especially in the academic world of Malay literature and arts if prominent national figures like you and YB Anwar Ibrahim re-established a solid foundation to promote this deculturalizing field. And I said it from the heart of an outsider whom culture seems to be decaying away to the facts of modernization (prostitution, drugs, theft, depersonalized communications, etc). For this reason, I have great respect for North Korea. Not that she is a nuclear power force but she is able to protect the oldest culture still surviving.

Please consider my suggestions and hope I will receive news from you for an appointment as soon as possible to discuss further if I can help to resolve this tensed problem. For decades I have wasted so much time dreaming. So, now please give me an opportunity to assist in regaining back our once peaceful and unified country.

Thanks with hope always


Kt Sam

cc Prime Minister Najib
YB Hishamuddin
Dr Mahathir
Chinese Embassy
American Embassy
Russian Embassy
YB Anwar Ibrahim



Dearest Americans
Dearest Russians
Dearest Mainlanders, too

Please give me
A moment, just a moment
To thank you
For listening, for sharing

Please, please
Give me a moment
Just a moment
To express how
I feel about
Thanking you
Thanks is all
I wish to say……
Thank you

BEFORE I END, here I would like to dedicated something to MOAZ N GANGZ whom after reading all my works BOLEH BERTINDAK!!



I see
A Red flag
Flying, flying
Amidst breezes
Soft and warm

I see
A red flag
Flying, flying
With a star big
And four stars small
At the corner
Left top

It must be
The China Flag
That is waving
Strong and proud

It must be
The China Flag
Waving, waving
Admidst breezes

It must be
The China Flag
Waving, waving
Admidst breezes
Soft and warm
Carrying Mao’s fate
For China’s sake


The Local Flag

It’s white
It’s yellow
It’s blue

It’s also red
Red, red, red
The color red

It must be
That color red
That matches
Among colors
White, Yellow, Blue

It’s not red
And the world
Is going crazy
Over the color red!

Sorry, about the discontinuation above. I shall meet Anwar. Thanks, Moaz for letting me published what I have to say.

Kt Sam

Moaz n Gangz
I need to post this website to the big powers because I didn’t do so just now. Perhaps I should submit one more poem:


Heading Singapore

Singapore take one
To her Home

Just let
Singapore take one
To her Home

Heartbroken we are
Just let
Singapore tap one
Away from
Good home or bad home
To her Home

If one
Had visualized that
One’s homeland
Is not good enough
For a decent livelihood
Just let
Singapore take one
To her Home

Just let
Singapore lure one
To her Home
Some may never ever be back

With Thanks to Moaz n Gangz



It gives me
Great pleasure
To see
The smooth skin
The sparkling eyes
The admirable beauty
Of no denial
The charming daughter
Of YB Anwar
YB Nurul Izzah

It gives me
A sense of pride
To feel
Beneathe the tudung
Lies a mother’s heart
That beats
For her mother’s
That bleeds
For her father’s
Of harsh struggles
She has to bear
At this tender age

It gives me
The sincere greetings
To wish
For her success
In speaking out
For us Malaysians
If not the world
As portrayed in
The Portrait of hope



Of animal desires
Are abhored
In some human categories

Of such group
Of such acts
Of such desires
Of such specifications
Are human nature

Instincts of human nature
Vary from
Animal nature
So claimed

Gays and lesbians
May be discriminated
Homosexuals and heteresexuals
A distinct differece
So claimed

It’s true that
The human sapiens
Are steps ahead
Of the wild

But it’s view
To enjoy freedom
It’s okal
To be in the dream world

Both intercourses
It’s existence
Must be classified
For if
Such desires meant as
Memoirs of
The bad and the good
For the innocents
Of the future generations
In the land of
Unavoidable framings



I am neither
A South Korean
A North Korean
I am Malaysian

It’s no denial
It seems to be Korean
Is to be Fatherly
It seems to be Korean
To have
‘The Korean Touch’


Dearest Joe Biden

Thank you, Thank you
A word I so often use

Thank you, thank you
For treating me as your

It’s like
I’ve strike
A jackpot!

Thank you, thank you
A word I often use
To express
My grateful heart –

America, here I shall come
When I’m
Ever ready to serve!

Luv & Rgds

A Note of Flowers

Thank you
Thank you
I say
To express
My grateful heart

For the smiles
For the laughters

So sad
Your names
I can’t recall

Thank you
For the smiles
Thank you
For the laughters

Thank you
American Ladies
For appearing
On Malaysian television

Thank you
For coming
Thank you
For receiving
My flowers of Luv






The Rojak and Cendol Man
Has gone
Bringing me
A moment of
Peace of mind
And calmness
Off my window views

Just a moment
Only coz I know
His soul will
Return to haunt
Me for
Loss of Livelihood

May I say
Thank you very much
For all the help
In giving me
A moment of peace
Thank you


To Sir With Love

They say
Mr Karpal Singh
Is a champion
Of Laws

He can bring
One alive
When almost

When dead
He will speak
So that
Justice prevails

Always be an
Inspirator of
In turbulent times
And he really is
Indeed a friend
In need
Of mine and
You, and us
And she
And he
And theirs
And ours
And all



Once is a Jew
Once is a Malay
I know
There’re Chinese Jews
There’re American Jews
Can we ever have
A Malay Jew?

It is possible
Coz a Malay is a Malay
Then can we have
A Jewish Malay
Is it possible
Coz a Malay is a Malay

It is not possible
Coz a Malay is a Malay
That is the point

Please do not let me
Change your identity
For I know how much
You love your vicinity

Please let me
Tell you to think
That Jesus Christ
Is a loving man
Please let me
Tell you to think
That Mohamad
Is a peaceful man
Is both of them
Should have lived
I wish they are
My comrades
Saying they were
Your teachers who asked
You to fight

Both are indeed
Peace and Love
In your mind to keep
Inside your
Weighing hearts


Kt Sam

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