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LRT Update: Station codes for Ampang Line

Back in August 2009, we made a posting New LRT & Monorail codes about the discovery of new codes for the stations on the LRT and monorail lines.

The posting expressed our  concern about the fact that Prasarana was continuously taking small steps to improve the organization of public transport but not taking the major steps that are required.

For example, while we are happy to see a more organized and informative system of signage on the LRT lines & monorail line which creates a unification of the various lines, that does not really matter to passengers as much as a integrated fare system does.

And Prasarana has had more than 5 years to come up with an integrated fare system … so what is their excuse?

At the time of the posting, we were asked about codes for the Ampang Line and Monorail and we have some more information now.

Basically, RapidKL will operate the Seri Petaling line as the main line, with the Ampang line name given to a ‘spur line’ from Chan Sow Lin to Ampang.

The photos of Maluri LRT station, showing the The Ampang & Seri Petaling Line Codes are courtesy of Abang Farizam Abang Kamarudin, who sent us the images a few days ago. TRANSIT would like to thank him for the photos.

Close-up of route map signage at Station Maluri. Image courtesy of Abang Farizam Abang Kamarudin

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2 replies on “LRT Update: Station codes for Ampang Line”

It has been noted that the codes have been changed for the Kelana Jaya line and Ampang line.

More details will be provided in a new post as soon as they are made available to TRANSIT.

Sincerely, the members of TRANSIT

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