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Updates #31


Updates #31

1. Article: Traffic plan questioned (The Star) – 3 Pakatan Rakyat MPs in the Federal Territory are questioning traffic plans for Brickfields.

[TRANSIT: You can see slides showing the proposal here. We have covered this topic at 2 posts, in Updates #29 and a commentary when the proposal was made. As always we need your feedback.]

2. Article: Better public transportation in Kuantan (the Star) – comments on a proposal to reorganize public transport in Kuantan and construct a new bus terminal.

[TRANSIT: wait, have we heard this before? Build a new terminal and the bus service will improve….]

3. Letter: Do more for Komuter Service (NST) – Chelvan Rengasamy comments on the Komuter service and the need to buy more than the proposed 8 EMU trainsets.

4. Blog: My walkabout (OTK) – Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat comments on his recent use of the KTM Komuter service and the LRT.

[TRANSIT: We are still trying to figure out how Ong Tee Keat came up with a figure of 3.5 minute frequencies for KTM Komuter service by 2013.  To achieve this frequency level, KTMB would have to purchase at least 160-170 EMU trains and implement Automatic Train Operations.  A number of 5 minutes would require the purchase of at least 150 EMU trainsets but would not require Automatic Train Operation.]

5. Article: ‘Kuala Terengganu Central’ dibina tahun depan (Utusan) – Another “Sentral” bus terminal will be built, this time in Kuala Terengganu.

6. Letter: More encouraged to take public transport (Streets-NST) – The Putrajaya Corporation explains its proposal to get more people to use public transport.

[TRANSIT: And we can only hope that Malaysians will start changing their habits]

7. Letter: KTM, you’ve got it wrong (The Star) – A letter critical of KTMBs change in schedule for the KTM Komuter service.

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