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“They object” (Update 6)

TRANSIT has been following the Public Display for the extensions of the Kelana Jaya and Ampang LRT lines.

Because of the importance of giving the public a proper voice and help air out concerns for public transport users, TRANSIT has given support to residents of Bandar Sunway, Putra Heights, USJ and Subang Jaya in their efforts to build the best public transport system possible.

We offer our services to residents of other areas who are looking for better public transport – as well as to residents of areas who may have concerns about public transport planning.

In this post, we will list objections, concerns and issues related to the extension of the LRT lines.  We encourage everyone to give their feedback and suggestions and comments. We are not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing to any of the comments on postings here. However, TRANSIT will moderate if necessary.

Anyone who wishes to contact TRANSIT for further discussion can simply reply here to this posting or send an email to

Bandar Sunway

Some Bandar Sunway residents, Sunway City Berhad, Monash University, Sunway University College and Taylor’s University College have collectively expressed their concern that Bandar Sunway is not going to be included in the LRT extension project and will be bypassed by both lines.

Putra Heights & Subang Alam (Updated with photos of the tour of the proposed ROW through Putra Heights)

Some residents of Putra Heights have expressed their concerns over the routing of the Kelana Jaya LRT line extension along the power line between Putra Heights & Subang Alam Megah.

Subang Jaya SS16 Saujana Residency

Some residents of the Saujana Residency project have expressed their concern over the routing of the Kelana Jaya LRT extension between their condominium and the neighbouring project, the Empire Subang.

This photo taken on Jalan SS16/1 Subang Jaya, shows the land between the Empire Subang and Saujana Residency properties.  Prasarana has proposed to run the LRT extension between these properties.
This photo taken on Jalan SS16/1 Subang Jaya, shows the land between the Empire Subang and Saujana Residency properties. Prasarana has proposed to run the LRT extension between these properties.

Subang Jaya SS14 & SS18

Some residents of SS14 and SS18 in Subang Jaya have expressed their concern that the proposed station 6 along the Kelana Jaya LRT line extension is located too close to the padang at SS18/4. They are also concerned about traffic congestion and indiscriminate parking in their areas.

USJ (general)

Some residents of USJ have expressed the concern that the Kelana Jaya line extension project has too many stations and the trip from USJ to KL will take too long.

Ad Hoc Committee

The Ad-Hoc committee is now trying to get more formal feedback from the residents of Subang Jaya and USJ.

You should see banners on the overhead bridges on Pers. Kewajipan and Pers. Tujuan as well as at the proposed sites of the stations.

This banner has general information on the LRT extension and encourages the residents of Subang Jaya and USJ to give more feedback.
This banner has general information on the LRT extension and encourages the residents of Subang Jaya and USJ to give more feedback.

The work of the committee was also reported in the Star and other newspapers.

Information about the LRT extension can be found at the following links:

Ad Hoc Committee website

Feedback forms can be found at these links:

How to submit your Comments/Feedback

Please submit this Feedback Form by:
25 November 2009 (Wednesday)

By Hand: Drop into the designated box provided at the Lobby, MPSJ Complex – USJ5

By Fax: 03-5631 2757

By Mail:

c/o P O Box 3215,
47509 Subang Jaya,
Selangor D.E.

Feedback forms can also be obtained from MPSJ headquarters, ADUN Subang Jaya’s Office, participating JKPs and Residents Associations.


TRANSIT has expressed our concerns about the weaknesses of the public display process, including concerns over the confusion of “official forms” for feedback on the LRT extension.

30 replies on ““They object” (Update 6)”

My suggestion is for the track to go along SS16/2 from the station i.e. between Subang Parade and Carrefour.

Stations 4, 5 & 6 in Subang Jaya are too close to each other and one is redundant. Also, Station 5 and Station 6 are too close to residential properties and this will cause lots of traffic problems/indiscriminate parking/noise pollution compounded by the fact that these stations do not have proper parking facilities.


1. Merge Stations 5 & 6 and locate it above the New Pantai Expressway/Jalan Jengka intersection; at each corner will be the Jaya Square, Public Bank, Benzone & Proton showroom. This location will be more amenable to the residents as the location is surrounded by commercial properties, and away from residential units.

2. There are precedents of building stations at/near road junctions and at high level e.g. Universiti Station at Kg Kerinci.

3. Reducing redundant stations will also 1) reduce construction cost and logically will enable operator to charge lower fares., and 2) reduce travelling time.

Generally the LRT estension should not go thru an housing area. It would be better to run it along the main road. SS18 is a housing area with a primary school near the proposed station no 6. It would be dangerouls for children to cross road as more car will be plying the roads. The traffic congestion and crime rates in the area will go up! Kindly have second look into your plans and divert it into the comercial areas.

As a purchasor of Saujana Residency, I’m also concerned that the LRT track is going to run parallel to apartment. Worse still, based on my rough estimation of the average height of LRT tracks, its going to run very close to my 8th floor unit.

I did not spend a hefty chunk of money on my dream home, just to be spoiled by the noise pollution and the eyesore right outside my window. I also do not appreciate the fact that the bathrooms will also be subjected to daily gazes of LRT commuters.

I more than welcome the LRT, but I hope that the tracks are built close to the vacant land near the commercial area in front of Carrefour and Mesiniaga.

Just saw the MRT extension plan that Puchong Prima station to be built just less than 15meters along with the houses. Isnt this too near to be noisy and unsecured to residents and the children playground to be occupied by the station soon. What kind of Mitrajaya developer, Subang Jaya council with LRT company plan for allowing this kind of issues. Personally, I move my house from PJ to Puchong in the past for avoiding kind of interrupting sound for almost 365 days with almost 18hours. Unfortunately, I have to consider to move again due to this problem… The noise level never get improved even more than 10years LRT operation. You can it is always open tracks and not cover accordingly.

As a purchaser of the Saujana Residency, i strongly disagreed with the LRT track is going to run parallel between Saujana Residency and Empire Subang. Noise pollution will be the my main concern which will disturb the residents’ resting time during at night. Besides, the velocity of the LRT will definitely cause some ‘vibration’ to the residents in the building. Furthermore, is the LRT passes through the condos will affect the earthwork of the buildings?
I suggest the track should build between Subang Parade and Carrefour.

I object to the proposal to route the LRT through the space between Saujana Residency and Empire. Firstly the space belongs to the residents of Saujana Residency and is our tennis court. We will not sell the land. Second is noise pollution. Saujana residency is a 100% residential project with no commercial element and the LRT must be routed elsewhere. The noise pollution will be detrimental to adult and children alike. The space next to mesingniaga is suitable.

I have same general concerns and feedback . As a purchasor of Saujana Residency, I raised my concerned that the LRT track is going to run parallel to apartment building and Empire Soho tower.

[1] Limited space. Very tight and limited space between both of the new structured building to build the LRT station and LRT track.

[2] High noise pollution level. Estimation of the average height of LRT tracks produce much noise to residency in Saujana and Empire Soho.

[3] Heavy traffic congestion. Once the LRT transit stations built to run parallel to apartment building and Empire Soho. Large volume of cars and visitors increased in the particular area and caused traffic congestion.

Although the new LRT station will alleviate traffic congestion and spur economic development, but serious and careful project development planning is crucial, with consideration of feedbacks and comments from residency in Subang Jaya.

Thanks for your consideration.

I suggest that the LRT station in Puchong Prima be relocated from the field in front of OTK to the abandoned field next to Desa Impiana Condominium as there is ample space to construct a LRT station with ample carparks and it would save construction cost and avoid the dangerous High Tension Electric Cables which is nearby the current proposed route. The proposed current location at the field in front of OTK is widely used by the residents and childrens living nearby. Moreover, it will benefit LRT commuters as the time to commute could be reduced as the track will be shorter and cost saving for both parties. This I say would be a win-win situation.

hi, if you build in the abandoned field next to desa impiana, isnt that going to affect desa impiana’s high rise condo people ?

i hope that the prasarana people can build in an area that isnt nearby to desa impiana high rise condo there….this will really make the area become very noisy and will affect the place….not good plan at all.

I noticed the LRT station is already confirmed, just the tracks which is undecided. It will definately go through Puchong Prima to Putra Heights through Kg Aman Tengah. How will the noise be minimised? I live in Desa Impiana Condominium and I think to reduce the noise there should be slow movement of the train. If it moves fast, there will have noise and vibration. The only way to break this effect it by having the station closer to Desa Impiana. If given a choice, I prefer the station far away as what ‘Someone’ had said. If no choice for the track to pass Desa Impiana, then I prefer it to be re-located at the abandoned field as what @Jackson have suggested. I would mind the noise but not the vibration. This vibration may cause interuption to our TV signal wave etc???? Caused unhealthy impact on the building??? The noise from the station is bearable, not much of a difference with the secondary school teachers talking on the loud speaker in the morning and not many people living around there had realised. Either way it will effect the people living around the area and the property market.

Dear Someone,
If given a choice, I would have the same opinion as you. But when the situation looks bleak, minimising the damage is a better choice. Either way, someone will benefit…someone will have to face the consequences. The best choice is to have the LRT Station far away from Desa Impiana Condo, but in reality…will this happen with gas piping works already in progress? If you live at Desa Impiana Condo, then you would have noticed that the underground gas piping work has been in progress for quite sometime now, towards the proposed field opposite OTK. I am quite sure the station will be station there. Don’t worry about it being near to Desa Impiana Condo. The question is… where is the LRT tracks is going to pass and how will these noise and vibrations going to effect the 846 unit owners of Desa Impiana Condo (846 units X number of residents = ????).

I wonder if the authorities know how many life’s are going to be effected daily with the tracks passing next to Desa Impiana Condo…every few minutes there is going to be rapid noise and vibration with the trains passing to and fro and maybe some screeechinggg noise when they take a turn, the escalation effect will be greater at the top of the highrise. If it was an office building, not much to worry but this is a residential area. Let’s hope that it will be for the better and not the worst. I wonder if our harmonious living is being replaced with stressful living.

There is going to road congestion at the main road opposite OTK when the LRT start operating. I hope the authorities look into widening the road as many people will be making their way towards the LRT Station, another bottleneck to look forward in the morning?

Dear Moaz ,

Could you update us on how close the LRT tracks is going to Desa Impiana Condominium when it passes Puchong Prima. Is there any changes or the original proposed LRT tracks is maintained? Thank you and have a nice day!

@Jackson Singh

If you live there, too bad for you. The authorities do know and have decided that you guys are going to be the sacrificial lamb that is going to make do, for the benefit of all of us. But if you don’t, here’s why you shouldn’t worry, with proper insulation, noise pollution may be minimized, as for the vibrations, it depends on the structure of the building and how and where they place the tracks. If noise and sound is a real issue, you can have your local council mandate a very low speed limit in your area.
Thus reducing the noise and vibration.

Also trying thinking less of your property as in tune with nature, and more a part of the concrete jungle that KL is aspiring to be. Enjoy city life, some people do, and so should you. Having a loud, rumbling is part of the urban ecosystem. You should try embracing it.

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