Which KL Monorail website is official?

TRANSIT had noted earlier that the KL Monorail website (www.klmonorail.com.my) had been offline for some days. Yesterday we noticed that the klmonorail.com.my website was back up again, with detailed images, information about stations and station surroundings, monorail stations and trains, and even a list of FAQs.

We also noted a Facebook page and a twitter feed.

You can also find the Fare Table and Route Map if you need it.

We also noted something strange however. The image below shows the website of KL Monorail as www.klmonorail.com.

New signage and station codes for the KL Monorail. Image from Bukit Bintang Station
New signage and station codes for the KL Monorail shows the website as
Image from Bukit Bintang Station

However, a visit to this website reveals something that is decidedly lower in quality, appearance, and user-friendliness. Perhaps KL Starrail Sdn. Bhd. or Prasarana can make it clear on which website is the official site for the KL Monorail – to prevent confusion among public transport users.

5 thoughts on “Which KL Monorail website is official?

  1. While I appreciate the effort deployed to renovate monorail stations and put new signboards, I regret that many tourist may find it inconvenient.
    On the placard picture showed above, there’s absolutely *no* indication of the direction (no greyed-out stations or directional arrow, unlike former placards). The direction is only indicated behind the user (i.e. opposite the platform). I think this can be really misleading for tourists.
    Please correct that ASAP because I don’t want to assist lost tourists 😉

    1. Florian

      Thank you for the feedback. We hope that Prasarana and KL Starrail Sdn. Bhd. will include it in their plans for the signboards.

      Regards, moaz for transit

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