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Updates #26

Updates #26

1. Article: Stuck with old fares (Malay Mail) – Questions why the CVLB has allowed exorbitant coupon parking rates to remain in certain busy areas of Kuala Lumpur.

[TRANSIT: We believe that the best solution for coupon rates is to have government regulated and monitored coupon stands]

2. Two interesting sources on the LRT extension:

  • Article: Youngsters upbeat over Subang LRT extension (Malay Mail) – Students and young professionals living and/or working in Subang Jaya area are happy with the proposed LRT – even though it is not coming for 3 years.
  • Letter: LRT extension is urged (Malay Mail) – the author wants Prasarana to also consider extensions of the Ampang LRT to Desa Pandan, Kg. Pandan, Maluri

[TRANSIT: This lack of understanding about public transport (especially among younger people) is exactly why TRANSIT is needed. People are happy about the LRT but ignore the poor service that exists today. LRT is not the magic solution for our public transport woes.]

3. New life for RM12m Klang Sentral (Malay Mail) – Discusses plans to help Klang Sentral recover from the lack of business caused by poor planning and resistance from public transport operators and users.

[TRANSIT: We are disappointed that NPO seems to be looking at ways to compel bus operators to use Klang Sentral. Instead of the MPK working with the CVLB to push Klang Sentral, they need to be reopening the North Klang Bus Terminal, bringing down stronger enforcement and finding ways to develop new services for Klang Sentral. We believe that our proposal for The Greater Klang Area is still an optimal solution.]

4. Letter: Our public transport really stinks (The Star) – a letter from a resident of Tg. Karang (near Kuala Selangor) who decries the poor state of public transport – forcing her to take 6 hours to get from the LCCT in Sepang to her home – via KL Sentral, the Klang bus stand, Klang’s central area and the Kuala Selangor bus terminal.

[TRANSIT: What can we say? The MPK is pushing Klang Sentral and the Selangor government is not interested in local public transport despite our efforts to push them. A direct service between KLIA and Klang Sentral would make a lot of sense, but that service needs a CVLB permit.]

5. Letter: DAP’s U-turn on PORR (Malaysiakini) – The Consumer’s Association of Penang comments on the PORR proposal and the DAP government’s acceptance of the proposal instead of long term public transport solutions.

[TRANSIT: Watch this issue, because it is going to be big!]

6. Two articles focus on the campaign to get more people to take the bus in Putrajaya

[TRANSIT: We will try to get our hands on some of these promotional materials. In the meantime, enjoy this interactive map.

The issue here is really the service and the facilities for public transport users. Without an effort to market the service, few people will use it. Also, PPj needs to look at providing links between Putrajaya and other towns – Cyberjaya, Kajang, KL, Dengkil, etc.]

One thing they can do immediately is improve on their information about the bus services. Can someone tell me why both of these pages are still up, containing different information????

7. Are cabbies paying the price? (Streets-NST) – This commentary wonders if the micro increase to taxi fares will have an overall effect on the industry as fewer people take taxis.

[TRANSIT: The answer is probably yes. This is why TRANSIT is encouraging local councils to work with Taxi Drivers Associations and set up Taxi hubs in housing estates for short distance local shuttle services]

8. Penang Port gets EPU nod to split up ops (Business Times) – PPSB can now separate the loss-making ferry operations from its core port unit – allowing a separate listing and future opportunities to sell the service back to the Penang Local Council or Penang government.

[TRANSIT: We covered the Penang Ferry issue in the past and we expect to see it heat up again soon]

9. Pickpocket nabbed on train (Malay Mail)

10. A costly 10-sen poser (Malay Mail) – RapidKL ‘taken to task’ [TRANSIT: By somewhat ignorant consumers & a ‘newsmaking’ media] for not providing ‘commuter friendly facilities’ [TRANSIT: We don’t like confusion on public transport either, and we are not happy with the change in the fare system – but frankly, this ‘taking to task’ of rapidKL is really unbelievable. Commuters dont want to carry loose change because it is inconvenient? Give us a break. RapidKL has provided signage and reminders to passengers. We think they have done their part.]

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