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Updates #25


Updates #25

1. Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib visits Puduraya and comments on the facelift:

2. A major service disruption on the Ampang LRT line on 16 September causes confusion

Crowds at Chan Sow Lin LRT station - image courtesy of The Star
Crowds at Chan Sow Lin LRT station - image courtesy of The Star
The Track Maintenance Vehicle that broke down causing the delay - image courtesy of The Star
The Track Maintenance Vehicle that broke down causing the delay - image courtesy of The Star

[TRANSIT: The information in the article & comments from the public suggest that RapidKL still needs to improve on the dissemination of information during service disruptions. We do note that RapidKL did update their twitter feed & website but this does not reach everyone.

TRANSIT believes that the DBKL & RapidKL & FT Ministry should work together to develop better strategies for service disruptions – to minimize the impact of the disruption. One suggestion is to enforce bus lanes strongly during service disruptions so shuttle buses can stay on track.]

3. Close watch on terminals (NST) – CVLB Director Halimah Sadique promises close watching & inspection of 4 bus terminals

CVLB chairman Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique said yesterday that 35 officers had been deployed to the Putra Terminal, Duta bus terminal, Puduraya bus terminal, and the Bukit Jalil bus terminal and they would continue monitoring these operators until Sept 27.

“We have already started our inspection rounds and found that most of the express bus operators had not complied with our regulations.

“The most common offences include over-priced bus tickets, buses not keeping to their schedules and incomplete bus tickets.”

[TRANSIT: It seems that every year this game is being played where bus operators take advantage of the public and lax government enforcement. We wonder when a company will focus on the quality of their service and expand their self-interest to include doing their job well.]

4. Metrobus decision on Sept 30 (NST) – Metrobus Nationwide applied in March for a judicial review on RapidKL’s old fare system. The case will be decided on Sept 30.

[TRANSIT: We have to ask if this case is still relevant given the changes to RapidKL bus fares that occured on Sept 1. At this time, we are asking RapidKL to comment – but accept that they may refuse to comment since the case is still in court. We think the case is no longer relevant but it reflects the poor standards that public transport has reached.

Imagine, how can Metrobus sue RapidKL for offering lower fares when Metrobus offers the poorest quality of service in the Klang Valley, blocks roads illegally & uses the pajak system indiscriminately.]

5. Asia Media, responsible for those sometimes informative & sometimes annoying (and often not working) tv programmes that you can see on your local RapidKL bus, is working on expanding their services.

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