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Updates #13


1. JOHN TEO: Our taxis the bane of travelers to KL (NST) – This editorial by John Teo comments on the state of Taxi service in KL and the problems that a poor taxi service is creating for residents and tourists alike.

2. Cyclist thrown off bike as tyre gets stuck between grating on drain cover (The Star) – A safety reminder for cyclists especially those using road/racing bikes which have narrow tyres.

3. Letter: KL-SINGAPORE LINK: Are we on the right track? by Moaz from TRANSIT published in the NST.

4. Penang plans integrated transport system (NST) – The Penang Government indicates their goal of producing an integrated public transport system.

5. 100 days at the helm (The Star) – An interview with Federal Territories Minister Thamby Nong Chik discussing his first 100 Days as Minister, with two questions about public transport.

6. Generator-pulling trains offer ‘rail’ comfort (Streets-NST) – This article features the Shuttle Trains that bring KTM Komuter passengers between Rawang and Tanjung Malim.

7. Kelvin Khew of the Rapid Bus Fans group has taken a visit to Penang and got some excellent pictures of the new Scania Buses, including the one below.  We hope to have a more detailed write-up courtesy of Kelvin, posted to the website soon.

Front view of RapidPenang Scania K270UB accessible bus - courtesy of Kelvin Khew
Front view of RapidPenang Scania K270UB accessible bus - courtesy of Kelvin Khew

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