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Announcement: New CVLB Director

As of June 1, CVLB Director Markiman Kobiran has been replaced by Halimah Sadique.

She takes the helm of a government agency that is relatively powerless in the enforcement of the very public transport services that it is responsible for.

In Markiman’s last major public statement, he declared the CVLB’s failure in curbing rogue taxi drivers – perhaps hoping for sympathy from the public. He also called for the expansion of the CVLB’s enforcement powers and to hire more enforcers.

For Markiman’s final thoughts, see the interview with the Malay Mail below:

5-minute Interview… Datuk Markiman Kobiran leaves CVLB with fond memories


There is a saying that we at TRANSIT would like to express to Markiman on his departure from the CVLB. However, given that it would not be very polite, we will not express our feelings through this saying.

To Markiman Kobiran, TRANSIT simply says, goodbye and good luck.

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