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Updates #5


Some interesting comments and articles in the news:

[KLIA] Bus ticket counter to be moved
THE bus ticketing counter at the KL International Airport will be moved to the top floor of Block C, on the same level where the limousine counter is located, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Abd Aziz.

Nazri said this was to give the bus operator a fair chance of getting passengers as the taxi service operators.


Fair competition sounds good to us.

Hooligans preying on bus passengers

a group of young hooligans started attacking other passengers. Nobody was brave enough to stop them, not even the driver.

They also bullied two passengers and fought among themselves.

When the bus pulled over at a stop, the hooligans snatched the bags of a woman and an old man before running away.

I am urging the police, Rapid KL and all concerned parties to help curb such menace.


TRANSIT will take up this issue with RapidKL and get some response. We also urge the U3 Passenger to file a police report and send the details directly to RapidKL and/or to TRANSIT.

Do more to make Taiping station a tourist draw

It is sad to note that although Taiping is a popular destination for local tourists, nothing much has been done to attract visitors to this town with the first railway station in Malaysia.

The station does not even have the year it was built stated prominently anywhere on its building as the year itself, 1885, would attract some interest.


This is a very interesting story – it is highly important that we preserve Malaysia’s heritage and the Taiping Station is a great example of this.

KTM still not moving with times

It is sad to see that we have modern railway stations constructed between Rawang and Ipoh but the coaches are still old (though refurbished) and pulled by diesel locomotives. The impact on passengers is longer travel time and bumpy ride between Sg Buloh and Rawang on old tracks.

In comparison, so much has been done for road transport such as the PLUS highway. The road from Rawang to Tanjung Malim has been expanded into a three-lane carriage and the rest area has been upgraded.


The lack of investment in giving KTM Komuter a serious and necessary upgrade is a major sore point for TRANSIT.

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