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1,500 jobs at RapidKL – Why now?

1,500 jobs at RapidKL

Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd (RapidKL) CEO Suffian Baharuddin detailed the vacancies including:

  • bus drivers (350)
  • mechanics and technicians (255)
  • customer service assistants (170)
  • security officers (270)
  • traffic controllers (120)
  • engineers (53)
  • and many more

The job vacancies have been advertised in local newspapers this weekend. For more information, visit, send an e-mail to or call 03-7650 7788 (ext 1432 or 1433) or RapidKL’s helpline at 03-7625 6999. You can also see the full details of the hiring here at RapidKL’s careers page

“The recruitment drive is in line with RapidKL’s efforts to improve the quality of LRT and bus services,” Suffian said in a statement here yesterday.

He said RapidKL needed more operational staff, especially bus drivers, engineers and mechanics, to provide better bus services as its current manpower was insufficient.


No…really? RapidKL has insufficient manpower? I wonder if this is news to any of the thousands of passengers who stand around daily waiting for their chance to board buses – while RapidKL drivers lepak and laugh and joke?

TRANSIT wonders why the hiring is taking place now?  We have known that rapidKL suffers from a shortage of trained personnel. They cannot run all of the buses that they own because they a) don’t have enough drivers, and b) they dont have enough technicians and c) they dont have enough enforcement personnel to get the drivers moving.

Perhaps this opportunity has come about because of the government stimulus package.  If so, the stimulus is going to be a powerful one. A rapidKL bus driver can make a base salary of RM2000 per month plus a daily allowance for coming to work.

TRANSIT is very happy to hear that RapidKL is finally going to hire more bus drivers and other personnel with the goal of improving services.  TRANSIT also hopes that RapidKL will take heed to the fact that these people are being paid with taxpayer money.

That means that they are not being paid to lepak on the rakyat’s RM and time.  If RapidKL services cannot improve even with the new hires, this will confirm a suspicion that TRANSIT and many commuters have long had – the problem is not with the manpower – it is with the management

As always, like a bus commuter waiting at the bus stop for a delayed bus – we continue to hope for improvements.

9 replies on “1,500 jobs at RapidKL – Why now?”

slm sejahtera.saya telah menghadiri temuduga sebagai pemandu bus rapidkl,saya sekarang sedang menunggu maklum balas dari pihak rapidkl,harapan saya agar dapatlah pihak rapid memberi maklum balas yang sewajarnya kepada saya.sekian terima kasih

slm.saya ingin memohon pekerjaan pemandu bas di rapid kl.macam mana kah caranya?saya sekarang bekerja sebagai pemandu bas awam di singapore.time kasih.


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