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Article: Residents blame KTM project for drainage problem

Residents blame KTM project for drainage problem

Saturday February 7, 2009

by Priya Menon

According to the residents, the new Batu Cantonment KTM Commuter station that links Sentul to Batu Caves being built near their homes has caused the drainage system to turn into shambles.

The construction work that began in 2007 has caused much trouble for the residents in Jalan Bukit Berapit and Jalan Bukit Gantang.


The headline of the article above caught our attention as it was obviously designed to do.  Only the section quoted above actually mentions the possibility that the construction project might be responsible.

One wonders if the author, Priya Menon, made some effort to contact KTMB or the contractors in charge of the project to get their side of the story.  Since there is no mention of it in the article, we can safely assume that this did not happen.

Is KTMB or the contractor or the DBKL responsible? TRANSIT wishes that the media would find out before producing headlines such as the one above.

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