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Updates on articles and comments in the media Monorail operator found negligent After 7 years, a judge has ruled that KL Monorail Systems and Monorail Malaysia Technology (now both owned by Scomi Rail Bhd.) were negligent in the injury to David Chelliah.Chelliah, a reporter for Bernama, was injured when a safety wheel from the KL […]

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Announcement: Lifts at KTM Subang Jaya now operating

TRANSIT notes that the KTM Komuter station Subang Jaya has been retrofitted with lifts and they are now operating. TRANSIT says: The operation of the lifts at Subang Jaya is also complemented with wheelchair accessible ramps and toilet. Unfortunately, the buses that access KTM Subang Jaya are not accessible. Neither are many sidewalks in Subang […]

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S’pore, Johor to improve network of buses

TRANSIT also noticed this article today while reading the news. Having experienced the public transport links between JB and Singapore on occasion, we definitely can say that ANY improvements that can be made would be very, very helpful. S’pore, Johor to improve network of buses 2009/04/07 JOHOR BARU:Plans are afoot to put more buses on […]

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A future for Datuk Shahrir?

Datuk Shahrir, the MP Johor Baru and Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs recently decided to resign from Cabinet after his candidacy for election into the UMNO Supreme Council was rejected. This former Minister is recognized by many as a “class-act” and is one of the more popular ministers in the cabinet of former […]

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TRANSIT’s Zul interviewed on ASTRO Awani

TRANSIT’s Muhammad Zulkarnain Hamzah was interviewed on the u-wartawan show of ASTRO Awani. Follow this link for all 3 segments of the show: Individual videos are here: Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3

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New Rawang Terminal, more of the same?

TRANSIT took note of this article in the Star Metro on April 4 which discusses a new bus and taxi terminal for Rawang, which is expected to begin operations in May 2009. New terminal for Rawang Saturday April 4, 2009 By SALINA KHALID THE new bus and taxi terminal at Pusat Bandar Baru Rawang will […]

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Free car parking in 4 Kelana Jaya LRT stations until further notice

TRANSIT noted this article in the newspaper today, sourced from Bernama. Free car parking in 4 Kelana Jaya LRT stations until further notice KUALA LUMPUR: Starting Friday, light rail transit (LRT) commuters are given free parking at four stations on the Kelana Jaya line, Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd (RapidKL) said. Communications general manager […]

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Commentary on Selangor Government’s 5-Prong Plan

TRANSIT came across this article which provides more details about the Selangor State Government’s 5-Prong Plan to improve the economy, described here earlier this week. RM 20 billion to clean up Klang River Written by Yong Min Wei Monday, 09 March 2009 KUALA LUMPUR: The Selangor government has embarked on an ambitious plan to implement […]

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Comments on RM60b economic stimulus package

The Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister introduced an economic stimulus package with a face value of RM60b yesterday in the Dewan Rakyat. For full text, please see this link. For commentary please see the fpllowing (weblinks included) FOMCA Muhammad Shaani said he was also disappointed that the budget did not address public transport. “There […]

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Klang’s curse

As promised, more information about public transport issues in Klang. Klang’s curse By NEVASH NAIR February 20, 2009 Categories: News Klang folk must be cursing their luck, for their woes appear to be endless. Days after Malay Mail reported inaction by the Klang Municipal Council over the poor maintenance of facilities and garbage collection in […]