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Updates #1

Updates on articles and comments in the media

  1. Monorail operator found negligent After 7 years, a judge has ruled that KL Monorail Systems and Monorail Malaysia Technology (now both owned by Scomi Rail Bhd.) were negligent in the injury to David Chelliah.Chelliah, a reporter for Bernama, was injured when a safety wheel from the KL Monorail fell and struck him while he was crossing Jalan Sultan Ismail in KL on August 18, 2002.
  2. TRANSIT’s Moaz Yusuf Ahmad recently wrote suggesting that Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Samad, (who recently resigned as Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs) be given the task to revamp public transport in Malaysia.This letter was published in:Malaysiakini “Public transport – put Shahrir in driver’s seat
    The Star – Shahrir can help revamp public transport system
  3. Comments about the failure of the CVLB to enforce the taxi service made their way into the New Straits Times – CVLB: A way out of the taxi mess as well as a letter in The Star from William Dennis of Subang Jaya CVLB must take the fight to errant cab drivers … among many others.

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