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Pengangkutan Adam Iskandar Malaysia (PAIM) revamps website…feedback welcomed

TRANSIT notes that Pernadanan Pengangkutan Adam Iskandar Malaysia (The Iskandar Malaysia Public Transportation Corporation) has recently updated their website and are asking for public feedback.
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@PerbadananPAIM on Twitter

While TRANSIT has traditionally focused on the Klang Valley and Penang we are seeing a growing demand for public transport in Johor Baru and the Iskandar Development Region.

More importantly, Perbadanan PAIM is the best example of a Local/Regional Public Transport Organizing Authority that we can find in Malaysia. What makes Perbadanan PAIM interesting is that they focus on administration, organization and planning, rather than providing the services themselves…as can be seem from the list of Bus Operators.

This is much more efficient and effective than the current situation in Penang and the Klang Valley, where government-owned companies RapidKL & RapidPenang are engaged in unhealthy and inefficient competition with private bus companies, and information delivery is limited, discouraging public transport users.

This is also more efficient than the current situation in Melaka, where the state government has decided to buy out private bus operators, or in Putrajaya where Pengangkutan Awam Putrajaya is having trouble getting passengers because it is stuck in Putrajaya (rather than serving as the Regional Public Transport Organizing Authority for the Langat Valley from Hulu Langat-Kajang-Putrajaya-Dengkil-Sepang, as TRANSIT has recommended).

And of course the arrangements used by Pernadanan PAIM are much more efficient than public transport that depends exclusively on private corporations…an approach that has ultimately failed public transport users in cities and regions throughout the country.

So please, take a good look at Perbadanan PAIM and give them your feedback…so a good thing can become better. And as always your comments and suggestions and feedback are welcomed. Please add your thoughts to the comments below.
Contact Info, Complaints & Feedback page
@PerbadananPAIM on Twitter

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