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KTM Update: Improved facilities at Komuter stations will help deal with long waits.

TRANSIT took note of this interesting article in which KTMB has announced plans to improve the facilities at KTM Komuter stations, to help commuters deal with the unacceptable wait times that are plaguing the system.

Now, this is something that TRANSIT had been talking about for some time – and ironically, it took a few years to get the plans in place. And probably even more ironic is that by the time everything is done and taken care of, there will be another 20-30 Komuter trains operating – so the facilities may end up going unused.

But in the meantime – let’s learn more about the plans.

KTMB to add new features for wait time and security (The Star)
19 September

KUALA LUMPUR: Plans are in the pipeline for Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd (KTMB) to upgrade its train stations with more facilities to enhance convenience for passengers.

KTMB will also be implementing features to improve commuters’ security in its stations.

KTMB corporate communications senior manager Mohd Fazil Ismail said KTMB would introduce features such as WiFi, fans, LCD screens and mobile phone chargers that would keep commuters occupied during train arrival intervals.

In matters of security, Fazil said CCTV cameras would be installed at stations across the country to improve passenger safety.

He said the cameras installations were in addition to the 24-hour KTMB auxiliary police that were already deployed.

Fazil also said nine stations that were considered prone to crime were already equipped with CCTV cameras.

The upgrades made in KTMB train stations are in line with the GTP’s Urban Public Transport NKRA, which aims to increase ridership of public transport.


What do you want us to say? We told KTMB that they needed to buy trains back in 2006 & 2007. We told them in 2007 that 5 minute frequencies during peak time were realistic and should be their goal. We told them in 2008 that if they could not meet 20 minute frequencies they should ensure that the services are comfortable, information is clear and there are buses available to meet customer needs.

We even told them to cut back train service from Rawang to Sg. Buloh & Seremban to UKM, using shuttle buses to serve outer stations.

Why did we say all this? Because we see KTMB as a transport provider, not a railway company … and more importantly, we see it as their obligation to make sure that their customers are well served. If they cannot serve customers with their trains, then they need to provide an alternative to rail service. If they cannot provide an alternative to rail service, then they must make the trip and the wait comfortable.

Was that too much to ask?

8 replies on “KTM Update: Improved facilities at Komuter stations will help deal with long waits.”

err… instead of those facilities, why not make sure trains are on time and more frequent? if given a choice, I wouldn’t want to spend any more time than necessary at komuter station, waiting for the (delayed) train to arrive. I just want to get to my destination as quick as possible.

Do you think that will happen for the moment?? Even the new EMU units from China God knows when it will come into service. Let’s cross our fingers and pray hard.

What happen to the plan for a three-tiered parking complex at Stesen Serdang, they closed the car park months ago and until today nothing happened


i would like to complain about the dangerous tiles used at KTM stations such as the one used at Putra. It can be really slippery during rainy conditions. Also the covered roofing is not adequate. Passengers intending to travel towards the south or west must walk through a poorly covered section and climb up a really outdated pedestrian bridge.

KTM should do more in upgrading this station. Also, it is really sad that the pedestrian sky bridge that is currently being built to connect the mall, pwtc convention centre, putra bus station and pwtc lrt station is not directly connected to putra station.

It would really be in the interest of ktm to have that extension bridge be extended across jalan kuching so that ktm kommuter users may interchange with lrt in a direct and more comfortable manner. it would also be simpler to erect signages to guide passengers intending to transfer.

instead of using money to upgrade their ACTUAL service which is to provide TRANSPORT!
they choose to spend money on LCD screens and WIFI?

Use money to buy trains la morons!!

Geez, say got new trains, but the new trains only serve the Rawang-Seremban line. What about the Batu Caves-Port Klang Line.

What kind of stupid company dunno how to schedule maintenance and plan to purchase new trains on time. Wait until train want to spoil only want to order train, now have to wait till kingdom come before we see the new trains.

Bloody hell, just fire the whole management la. Doing nothing but putting money in the pockets.

With the so called new train, KTMB still failed to ensure that the train comes on time. Untill now train keeps on delaying and customer still havd to waits so long for the train to come. NO improvememnt what so ever. This very bad & pitiful & shameful. What are you peopple doing??

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