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“You talking to me?” About the MRT?

The folks at, a new take on the blog concept in Malaysia, began by taking a look at the MRT project, the largest infrastructure project in Malaysia.

And TRANSIT, along with SPAD CEO Mohd. Nur Kamal as well as members of the public were interviewed for the podcast, which can be downloaded here.

Episode 1: You Taking to Me?

On this episode, You Talking to Me?… delves into the public discourse on the Klang Valley MRT project, the largest infrastructure project since our Independence. Host Ezra takes you through view points of public transport advocates, a Member of Parliament and a regulator on what they think about the feedback process and public discourse on the Sg Buloh–Kajang MRT line. Moving beyond the rant, are we asking the right questions, how will public feedback be used and how do we make this discourse more meaningful?

The podcast is 22 m 29s long.



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