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MRT Update: Planning & Building the Klang Valley MRT

IMPORTANT NOTE from TRANSIT: With the completion of the Public Display for MRT Line 1 (Sg. Buloh to Klang), TRANSIT has revised our post on the Public Display for MRT line 1 (Sg.Buloh – Kajang) to focus on the alignment, planning & construction for MRT Line 1 only.

All information & articles related to the MRT in general (including the planning, tendering & oversight) will be located here in this post. The website for the Klang Valley MRT project is Also note our note posting on the MRT Open Day. More information including recent articles, maps, videos, photos, comments and feedback after the jump!

Recent Articles:


Check out this graphic drawn up by The Star, which shows the proposed MRT Line 1 & 2 in comparison with the existing railway system. Do note that the projected LRT extensions are not included. TRANSIT does not know why they were left out.

Click here for a larger version of the image below.

Star Graphic showing MRT Line 1 & 2 with the existing Klang Valley rail system. he graphic also describes concerns and issues surrounding the MRT. Image courtesy of The Star.

Background, Technical & Visual Info

(NOTE: All information is taken from the project website

Dimensions of Guideway Structure, Tunnels & Rolling Stock

The image below gives a good idea of dimensions for the MRT elevated guideway, tunnels (including tunnel structure) and the MRT train carriages themselves.

Dimensions of Guideway & tunnel structures & Rolling stock. Image courtesy of @TWK90.

Click here for a larger version of the image above.

Car 1 : 22000 mm

Gangway : 700 mm

Car 2 : 21500 mm

Gangway : 700 mm

Car 3 : 21500 mm

Gangway : 700 mm

Car 4 : 22000 mm

Total train length : 89.1 m

Depot drawings (photos courtesy of


3 February 2011);

As always, your comments and feedback are welcome … and in this case, necessary so we can get the best MRT!

TRANSIT will continue to update & comment on the public display but right now, we need your feedback. Please comment in the space below and do not forget to send your comments to SPAD using their comment form, or through email or phone 1800 82 6868

4 replies on “MRT Update: Planning & Building the Klang Valley MRT”

All I can say that if SPAD/PRASARANA and other related government agencies/department managed to do a terrific great job on the mrt project that is 100% FREE of corruptions and cronysm, maybe, I say MAYBE I will regain back some confidence about the government.

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