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MIROS to hold forum & feedback session on electric bicycle usage in Malaysia

TRANSIT notes that the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) will be holding a forum on the use of electric bicycles on Malaysian roads to discuss the views from various parties, vehicle safety aspects, law enforcement, green energy, infrastructure and others.

The forum will be on 26 April 2011.

The public is invited to attend the forum, but seats are limited. Please contact Abdul Rahmat at tel: 03-8924 9316 or e-mail at to register and confirm your seat.

Forum details

Date : 26 April 2011
Time : 8.30am-2.00pm
Venue : Pullman Hotel Putrajaya
Chairperson : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wong Shaw Voon, Director, Vehicle Safety and Biomechanics Research Centre, MIROS.

In addition, MIROS is asking for submissions & feedback from the public on the use of electric bicycles. However, submissions must be sent by 5 pm on 29 April 2011. Email enquiries should be sent to

This is your opportunity to give feedback on an important issue related to alternative transport.

Public Consultation Questions
PUBLIC CONSULTATION: The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) is soliciting public consultation on the issue of electric bicycles in Malaysia.

PURPOSE: The aim of this public consultation is to obtain views, comments and feedback from the public on whether and how to regulate electric bicycles in Malaysia.

BACKGROUND: The Ministry of Transport has been directed to study and make proposals on how to regulate the use of electric bicycles in the country. The possible use of electric bicycles in Malaysia cuts across multiple sectors such as road safety, green technology, specification standards, the extent of regulation (for example registration, licensing, training, insurance and law enforcement) and socio-economic factors, to name a few. The outcome of this public consultation could have significant implications for consumers.

ISSUES: MIROS therefore seeks feedback from the public and industry on the aforesaid matters and in particular, the following:

1. According to your understanding:
1. What is a bicycle?
2. What is an electric bicycle?
3. How should we differentiate an electric bicycle from a motorcycle?

2. Should there be a clear definition of electric bicycle in the law?
1. If yes, why? (Please provide reasons for your views)
2. If no, why not? (Please provide reasons for your views)

3. Should the use of electric bicycles be allowed in Malaysia?
1. If yes, why? (Please provide reasons for your views)
2. If no, why not? (Please provide reasons for your views)

4. If electric bicycles are to be allowed in Malaysia:
1. What type of electric bicycles should be permitted and what specification standards (for example, speed, battery type, lights etc) should be applicable? (Please provide the reasons and basis for your views)

2. Should any other aspects of the industry be regulated?

3. Should the use and operation of electric bicycles be regulated?
a. If yes:
i. what aspects of their use and operation should be regulated? (Please provide reasons for your views)
ii. to what extent should they be regulated? (Please provide reasons for your views)
iii. in what way should they be regulated? (Please provide reasons for your views)

b. If you think electric bicycles should not be regulated please also provide the basis for your views.

5. What are your views, if any, in respect of the following regarding electric bicycles:
1. Road safety in respect of:
a. The individual electric bicycle rider ( i.e. electric cyclist)
b. How the presence of electric cyclists on the road might influence the safety of other road users; and
c. Bicycles being powered by electricity instead of human power

2. Environmental impact
3. Socio-economic issues

6. Are you a user of electric bicycles?
7. Is any of your family member an electric bicycle user?

SUBMISSION DETAILS: Please send us your comments by email to or by hard copy addressed to Nurmaizah Jamsuri at MIROS.

Nurmaizah Jamsuri,
Administrative Assistant (Secretarial),
Vehicle Safety & Biomechanics Research Centre,
Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research
Tel: 03 – 8924 9200 (GL) or 03 – 8924 9207 (DL)
Email address:


After the decision by the Minister of Transport to ban electric bicycles, as well as the very public outcry (including a contrary opinion expressed by the Minister of Energy, Water and Green Technology, the fact that the Ministry is going to be holding this forum, and asking for this feedback, is a very positive sign.

So please, give you feedback to MIROS on this issue and attend the forum if you have the opportunity. And tell us what you think about the topic.

3 replies on “MIROS to hold forum & feedback session on electric bicycle usage in Malaysia”

Hopefully they can come out with something to convince the government to allow electric bicycle on the road soon.


Send them your feedback and encourage your friends to do the same. Every little bit helps.

This may be one of the first opportunities we have ever seen where a Malaysian government agency is engaging in public consultation (not NGO consultation) to develop transport policy.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

here are some queries & pointers
1) are they are required to wear helmets? the last thing we want is to increase number of accidents for riders of electric bicycles
2) are they are required to hv license plates? (if in case embroiled in accidents, as riders w/o license plates would tend to be more bold)
3) what is the maximum speed allowed? what is the legal age of using electric bicycle?
4) are they required to take a driving test / insurance? doubtful abt insurance part as electric bicycle is supposed to be an economical solution to transportation woes
5) are electric bicycle here to use pedestrian path (and can be a menace to pedestrians) or use the main roads (which can already has a high number of accidents for motorcyclist).
6) what abt other forms of motor vehicles like segway? do they come within the same laws for electric bicycles?

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