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KTM Update: Progress on our new Komuter trains

TRANSIT took note of the following update at KTMB website which includes information on the progress of KTMB’s NKRA responsibilities.

The main feature of the NKRA is the purchase, delivery & commissioning of 38 units of 6-carriage trains for the Komuter service. The first set of trains is under construction and the lead train is to be delivered in September 2011 with 6 trains contracted to be delivered by the end of 2011.

Lead carriage of new 6-carriage KTM Komuter trainset. Image courtesy of KTMB.

Click here for a larger version of the image above

This could mean that, if Testing & Commissioning goes well, KTM Komuter will have 2 additional trains in revenue service by this time next year.
And this is what the carriages might look like inside:

Interior of new 6-carriage Komuter trains showing a mix of longitudinal and transverse (forward-facing) seating. A Ladies Coach will also be provided. Image courtesy of KTMB.

Click here for a larger version of the image above.

The trains will have open gangways that can allow passengers to walk-through – which will help improve & space out passenger capacity. We do not know where the Ladies Coach will be located or how many there will be for each train. We also note that wheelchair docking spaces are on the trains. TRANSIT is trying to confirm how many spaces will be made available per carriage.

The new KTM Komuter trains will have open gangway and wheelchair docking spaces. Image courtesy of KTMB.

Click here for a larger version of the image above.

Each train carriage will have 3 doors per side, as shown in the image below:

One of the MC (first & last) carriagesof the lead train under construction. Note the 3 sets of doors per side as well as the space for the LED destination sign. Image courtesy of KTMB

Click here for a larger version of the image above.

More images of the KTM Komuter trains under construction can be found here. TRANSIT will do our best to continue to update the public on the progress of the trains as well as providing feedback to KTMB & KTM Komuter about the interior features of the trains.

Technical Information about the trains is as follows:

Design & Engineering:

  • 6 carriages;
  • MC-T-M-M-T-MC carriage configuration (where M = motor, T = trailer, and C = cabin);
  • Carriage Length: MC 23700 mm (23.7m), T & C 22800 mm (22.8m);
  • Total train length: 138600 mm (138.6m);
  • Power system 25kV AC at 50Hz;
  • Top speed 140 km/h;
  • Cruising speed 120 km/h;


  • 3 doors per side, per carriage (18 doors per side for the whole train);
  • Full gangway walk-through option;
  • At least one Ladies Coach (perhaps two? perhaps at the middle “M” cars?) with passenger safety system;
  • Front and side LED destination signage;
  • Interior LCD/LED screen;
  • Mix of transverse & longitudinal seating;


When all 38 trains are in service (including the refurbishment of the existing fleet) the Komuter fleet (in terms of numbers of train carriages) will be triple its original size – which is nice, because KTM Komuter passenger numbers are already more than triple the original passenger numbers of 1994-1995.

Unfortunately, this just shows what TRANSIT has been saying for a long time – that investment in public transport needs to be made in a timely & regular fashion, and that the NKRA projects that the government is trumpeting are just getting Malaysia’s government & infrastructure to the place that it should have been a decade ago! In other words, we are just catching up to where we ought to have been a few years ago, while the needs of the country have moved ahead. It’s good but not great, reactive but not pro-active.

That said, imagine how things would be without the current government investment? While we have a long way to go (especially with KTM Komuter) at least we on the way and will be getting there eventually.

So do extend our appreciation to the government, Pemandu, & KTMB for that. But no resting on any laurels just yet. There is a lot of work still to do and we still have to expand KTM Komuter services beyond where they will be in 2012.

25 replies on “KTM Update: Progress on our new Komuter trains”

WOW cantik. Harap2 keupayaan sistem nya selaras dengan rupanya. Jangan jadi monorail kat melaka dah lah.

DI JANGKA TIBA September. Tak masuk delay dalam penghantaran jika ada. Jika pun sampai september 2011 sudah tentu belum boleh guna Oktober 2011. Maybe Mac 2012 sebab ERL baru ni pun ambil 6 bulan untuk testing.

So untuk merasa naik tren baru by 2011 mungkin tak tercapai kot. Nampaknya terpaksa lah berasak2 lagi 9 – 12 bulan. Presiden KTMB juga yang tak perlu berasak2, selesa saja naik kereta mewahnya pergi dan balik kerja. Tak perlu juga berpeluh2 sebab aircond kat kereta lebih nyaman tak macam aircond kat tren KTM komuter.

Sejak last year saya pelawa Presiden KTMB sama2 naik komuter di waktu pengguna balik kerja namun sehingga ini tak de keberanian pun dia. Kalau semua in order maksudnya komuter baru semua dah sampai dan masalah sekarang pun setidaknya 90% selesai, LEMBU pun boleh manage KTMB. Tak de challenge lah………..

another thing is the seat should be comfortable since travel from Seremban to Rawang is 2 hour plus journey. Need head rest at least.

For the lead picture, what does it mean by

revised version October, 08th 2010

were there other designs.

Also, will be the final design be the same or significantly different.

I am gland that they are going to upgrade ktm kommuter to have spacious gangways.

Janagan gembira sangat dulu, biasanya gambar yang kita nampak ada banyak perbezaan dengan benda yang sebenar, ini selalu berlaku.

Jangan gembira sangat dulu, biasanya gambar yang kita nampak ada banyak perbezaan dengan benda yang sebenar, ini selalu berlaku. Kalau boleh, ganti semua fleet lah! Ada tandas tak?? Keretapi Midland Train London ada tandas. Keretapi ini bergerak antara kawasan pertengahan (Seperti Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bletchly) England dan stesen Euston di tengah-gengah kota London, UK. Jarak pergerakan dia lebih kurang seperti Slim River dan Tanjung Malim, Perak ke KL Sentral. Saya pernah naik keretapi ini semasa saya berada di London pada November 2010. Sila tengok:

Five seats per row has invited critiques from commuters in the UK, as the narrow width only serves small-built passengers who form the lowest 10% percentile of the commuting population.

The suitability depends on the nature of commute. People will tolerate squeezed seating compared to standing for travelling, say between 15 and 30 mins. Seremban to KL journey takes 90 mins (awefully tiring by the way), and maybe there should be a special coach for fully seated travellers.

Present Komuter seating arrangement is quirky – the reliable Korean trainsets (3 entrances/coach) with gangway-facing seats (no headrests) are only suitable for short distance journeys, the longest serving EMU trainsets from the mid90s are more suitable for 20-40 mins commuting trips with one standee each row, but these coaches sacrificed plenty of seating spaces for standees without ample vertical bars.


Yeah, and our present lousy KTM Komuter trains are no better than theirs. Anyway, I saw some people sat on the floor, but the train floor their is very clean even on raining day. Hopefully our new commuter train LED display unit will not be replaced by an A4 size paper. Hopefully the interior and exterior have proper LED signage display unit, my audioly impaired (deaf) friends are freaking out and complaining about don’t know what is happening inside the lrt, komuter or monorail and they always have to ask people about it, not all deaf people are rich, my friends who are deaf are one of the poor guy who cannot afford a proper better hearing aid and there a few whose eardrum is totally gone, hearing aid is also useless. I think these poor fellows had been struggling for years for better treatment at public transport system and our authority (whether in the name of saving cost or earning more profits) have turn one eye closed to them. It’s now that Prasarana and SPAD do something for these deaf fellows.

In fact, the train is not so crowded or so squeezed at all. I took the train so many times only once I come across the passengers crowd become so squeezed until you have to sit on the floor. Majority, the train has sufficient number of seats because the FREQUENCY is properly planned out and you have a very good and accurate timetable to refer too unlike our commuter train timetable. Furthermore, the seats are very wide a big (possibly because it’s meant for European/Caucasian sized people) although from the picture/video it does not look so big and wide.

Midland London train is a bit like our Komuter Train, because all the stations are on surface and it travel the outskirt of London which is totally different from London Underground (The Tube). But Midland London network is much more comprehensive and wider compare to our KTM Komuter and all the stations are better, strategically and accurately located. Please take a look at its network map.

Is it just me, or is the paint job on the train a bit ugly. In fact, I would go to add that all the komuter trains have an ugly coat of paint.

Ktm should really repaint some of the komuters and make it more MRT like.

Class 82
I think it would be much better for this class if it had a nice yellow stripe along its body.

Class 83
It would be better if they get rid of the yellow face. and the blue arrow. And paint it such that there is a yellow and blue stripe along its body.

Class 81
Can’t really complain about this. This class is hawt.

I like this. But there is something ugly about its face but I am not really sure as to how to fix it. I suppose there should be more grey on the face and black too.


Any news on the so called free commuter trains from Japan?

Seems fake news from OTK so that he looks good before being thrown to the backbenchers lot.

No information on those trains since the original article.

One has to wonder why no one is calling OTK to account on this … he did get called on the DMU & CSR trains but no further action was taken (as expected).

Regards, moaz for TRANSIT

I don’t think now is the right time for KTMB or JR Japan to contact each other due to the great earthquake and tsunami.

hahah it would be nice if the Malaysian media would become experts on their various sections.

It would be nice to have some educated journalists who really know & understand their subjects. Not to mention, those who are willing to ask serious questions. There are so few journalists who do that, and they are of course stretched thin.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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