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TBSBTS Update: The terminal is operational 1 March 2011 (Update #2)

  • Updated with an excellent set of photos compiled by Sam79 of the forum!
  • Updated with additional articles!

TRANSIT notes that the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (Southern Integrated Terminal) at Bandar Tasik Selatan is now ‘officially’ open and the Bukit Jalil temporary terminal will be ‘officially’ closed to southbound buses (some northbound buses may still operate at Bukit Jalil).

We have added some articles on the changeover below. Follow this post for further updates!


As above, follow this post for further updates. You may also be interested in the following, a letter in The Star based on a statement from TRANSIT:

SPAD presence vital (The Star)

1 March 2011

FIFTY bus operators are to move to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan at Bandar Tasik Selatan today.

Their presence will be welcomed, as many had been worried how such an important project can be so poorly managed.

Aside from the bus operators, the Association For The Improvement Of Mass Transit (TRANSIT) wants to know what kind of a presence the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) will have at the terminal.

One of the biggest issues with public transport in Malaysia is the lack of enforcement of regulations.

The Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (the former regulator, now replaced by SPAD) often complained that they did not have enough enforcement officers and that it was hard to get the public to make formal complaints about touting, fare manipulation, aggressive behaviour, etc.

SPAD is supposed to have at least 500 enforcement officers (compared to CVLB which had less than 60), which would hopefully address the issue of not having enough personnel.

But if they have no regular, reliable presence at the bus terminals, how will the public be able to complain and give feedback right away?

We have already noted complaints about overcharging and aggressive behaviour at the terminal.

In other words, the troubles that plague our public transport system are already starting and SPAD must prevent this as soon as possible.

We want a dedicated SPAD desk to be placed at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. It would act as a SPAD customer service counter for suggestions and feedback, as well as establish a permanent presence for SPAD enforcement teams.

Once Puduraya is reopened, a similar desk should be set up there, as well as at KL Sentral, Hentian Duta, KLIA and LCCT, the future Gombak and Sg. Buloh terminals, as well as major bus terminals throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

And we would like to invite SPAD chairman Syed Hamid Albar, SPAD CEO Mohd Nur Ismal Kamal as well as other senior management to spend time at the SPAD desk, even just an hour per month each, so that the public can see who is in charge of SPAD and know that their concerns will be addressed directly.

This is the kind of proactive, “People First, Performance Now” attitude that SPAD must display in order to bring about change to public transport in Peninsular Malaysia.


The Association For The Improvement Of Mass Transit.

9 replies on “TBSBTS Update: The terminal is operational 1 March 2011 (Update #2)”

I feel so happy and relief that TBS-BTS is finally open. But how’s the ticketing issue now?? Has it been settled yet? Anyone can comment further about this issue?? Thank you.


I need some clarification, if the Bukit Jalil station now cease to operate, how is it possible to head to North-Bound routes like Butterworth or Kangar, when the Puduraya station is still in renovation and ITS is for South-Bound routes? Is there another Bus Station in KL?

Thank You


Thanks for the update. We will try to clear up the details. Sometimes Bernama doesn’t get the details right and then everyone copies the wire story word for word.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

First of all I would like to really congratulate to whosoever comes up with the idea of TBS. Not only the idea was good. But the whole place, althought it’s not PERFECT, still many would give it a thumb up for the services and decorations found with in the Station cum mall. I have been there just to have a feel of the place. I was not ready for it actually. I was expecting something like a normal station where few bus services cramp into it. KUDOS to those involve.
Now I went there with another purpose. I intend to lease a retail shop there. So I quiried the staff working there and was told to refer to KL office DBKL. With so much hope I drove my car all the way thru the normal KL traffic. I was then told to refer to the managment office which is located in TBS itself next to the police Lot. I have yet to go there to enquire.
So I thought of calling up by searching their (TBS) contact numbers thru web. I have never click my mouse so many times before on one particular company’s website. In the end, I could not find the number. I find the website not being attended to. Website to a company is very vital as it holds informations of the company which is very useful to public. Looks like I would have to drive my way to TBS once more to talk to the management team, if there is such a team there. Nevertheless, I am still impressed with the station. Once again, Congrats!

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