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Puduraya bus terminal opening postponed to April 16 (Update #2)

  • Update: Take note of our most recent post on the reopening of Puduraya here!
  • Updated with photos!

TRANSIT has learned that the Puduraya reopening, which was originally scheduled for the end of 2010, then rescheduled for February, then March, will now be delayed to April 16.

Interestingly enough, ASTRO AEC took some interesting photos & video of Puduraya during the walkabout led by Federal Territories Minister Raja Nong Chik.

Federal Territories Minister Raja Nong Chik is captured by ASTRO AEC cameras as he walks through the Puduraya bus terminal, which is now scheduled to be reopened on 16 April. Screen capture courtesy of @TWK90.

Our friend @TWK90 happened to capture some of those images when they were shown on ASTRO AEC and posted them here, giving us our first sight of the interior of Puduraya since the middle of last year.

Puduraya bus terminal opening postponed to April 16 (The Star)

KUALA LUMPUR: The scheduled re-opening of the Puduraya bus terminal on March 1 has to be postponed to April 16 as upgrading works at the premises have yet to be completed.

As such, the temporary bus terminal at Bukit Jalil will continue to be operational for the time being, Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin said Friday.

He said the decision was made following a discussion with UDA Holdings Berhad, which is the developer of the Puduraya Terminal, and the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).

“Facilities at this terminal have to be further improved. I am not satisfied because the ceiling at some places is very low, while the escalator, lift and others have yet to be tested and commissioned,” he told reporters after visiting the Puduraya Terminal here.

He was accompanied by the ministry’s Deputy Secretary-General (Planning and Development) Datuk Bakaruddin Othman, its Deputy Secretary-General (Urban Wellbeing and Management) Datuk Adnan Md Ikhsan and Uda Holdings Berhad managing director Datuk Jaafar Abu Hassan.

Upgrading works at the Puduraya Terminal began in June 2009 at a cost of RM52mil.

Meanwhile, Jaafar said former traders at Puduraya who had moved to Bukit Jalil, would be given priority in the allotment of business stalls at the refurbished Puduraya Terminal.

“For those who did not move to Bukit Jalil, we will compensate them for their losses by exempting them from paying rental between six and seven months,” he said.

On the Integrated Transportation Terminal-Bandar Tasik Selatan (TBS-BTS) which will be opened on March 1, SPAD general manager and head of state operations and terminal licensing, Fuad Ahmad, said SPAD would cooperate with the Road Transport Department to overcome problems of ticket touts.- Bernama


Sometimes we just want to scream!

Does anyone still wonder why the vast majority of Malaysians have no faith in public transport? Why they drive and will continue to drive? Some may say it is because of the crowding, inconvenient routes, lack of scheduling etc.

Perhaps the real reason is the lack of reliability that permeates the transport industry from top to bottom.

It can be seen by the ‘man-on-the-street’ in the form of delayed buses, inconsistent scheduling, truculent taxi drivers, the use of the ‘pajak’ (pawning) system for taxis and buses.

It can be seen in project management, where there is a lack of competency, accountability and transparency with respect to how a project is managed and delivered.

It can be seen in infrastructure that is overbuilt for the purpose, without achieving basic expectations – like pedestrian space, parking space, toilets, etc.

Of course the spin will be that the project is being delayed in the interests of customer service, so the end product (a better Puduraya) is the best it can possibly be.

And if you actually believe that ….

Ok, to be fair, Puduraya is bright, shiny, and repainted, with air-conditioning, better access to the bus terminal, and nicer waiting areas and cafes.

10 replies on “Puduraya bus terminal opening postponed to April 16 (Update #2)”

Yes, I’m right. I am perfectly right. I used to voice out at transitmy about the delay of opening for the newly refurbished Puduraya bus terminal up to the month of April but nobody believes it and one of the guys said that my news is outdated. Now I shall see who is outdated. Actually, I’m also sad to hear about this delay, it’s such an embarrasment. But unfortunately it still happens.

One of the reasons why, I feel, no one raises a major fit regarding the flagrant mistakes and abuses in public transportation (especially express bus services and RapidKL bus services) is probably because poorer and more destitute Malaysians depend on the services.

For instance, the constant deadly and saddening accidents and road deaths that have been marring Malaysian express bus operators have not been correctly prosecuted is because the families that have had to endure the losses are usually not aware of the legal avenues for suing the operators. They do not know that they can drag them to court.

Same goes to Puduraya. I have walked there many times and the image of poor Malaysians, carrying all their belongings in torn bags is all too blatant. They are the ones enduring the problems. And apparently, no one really cares about their difficulties.
See what happens if one day, and I hope not, a bus carrying Government servants crashes. It’s the end of the company. But who cares about a few kampung folk?

Sad, sad, sad, sad.

Thanks for all the coverage TRANSIT and if I could take a Valentine out, it would be you folks πŸ˜‰

I love TRANSIT! πŸ˜‰

The government will care for the “kampung folk” accident victims if they are related to the government “crony”.

will also care when an election is about to take place =)

In reality Puduraya should have been upgraded years back, even before that mammoth Sg Besi Transit was to be planned

PUDURAYA? I didn’t even know where it was till some cabbie pointed to me, here. I took bus to Cameron Island from Puduraya. But to buy bus ticket I had to clime two levels up, then walk two levels down to waiting area, then walk down 20 steps to see bus. All this sounds modern, but no escalators were working. Parking – where? Where is the connection to LRT and Monorail marked or if it is even there. For a major bus station it to be, like Port Authority some place I know, Malaysia authorities should do much better. Station inside looked fancy, but not enough people..

excuse me, i don’t understand… Puduraya now is open or closed?? i’m going to penang this saturday and i need to take a bus… puduraya station is not close right??I don’t know cause i’m not from kl…. please tell me. thank you.


Hi @Rachel

Puduraya has been reopened and buses serving the north and east are available there. You may also wish to consider Transnasional services at Hentian Duta, or Plusliner/Nice bus services at Kuala Lumpur railway station.

You may want to check some of our more recent posts on Puduraya for an idea of what Puduraya looks like now. It is quite an improvement on the old terminal.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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