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The Masjid Jamek station of the future?

TRANSIT notes some very interesting images that have finally been posted on the hoardings for the construction project at Masjid Jamek LRT station.

Image of the future Masjid Jamek (with Ampang LRT removed), courtesy of @Bukhrin.

Click here for a larger version of the image above. More images after the jump!

Image showing the future Masjid Jamek station from across Jalan Tun Perak (the entrance to Masjid Jamek itself) courtesy of @Bukhrin.

Click here for a larger version of the image above.

Image of the future Masjid Jamek station taken from the south and east courtesy of @Bukhrin.

Click here for a larger version of the image above.

Take note of the location of the wheelchair ramps (north side) and lift to the Ampang line stations.


For a long time, TRANSIT has been disappointed by the way that information and vision are conveyed in Malaysia – there is a lack of creativity and drive and no interest in getting information out to the public in an exciting and interesting way.

All the updates that are given are filtered through the Malaysian media, which can and often does print confusing and sometimes inaccurate information. There are never any project information brochures, handouts, websites, updates using social media etc. It’s as if everything has to be a secret.

The result is that the public is forced to bear the inconvenience and gets nothing of the excitement or interest. All pain and no gain.

TRANSIT cannot do much about the pain, but at least we can share information whenever we get it, so that there is something to look forward to.

And we urge public transport operators, station & terminal owners etc. to start making an effort to create interest and excitement about new projects – instead of dropping useless, repetitive “teaser” information through the media.

As always, TRANSIT would appreciate any comments and feedback about the design of Masjid Jamek as well as other public transport projects. Thank you!

3 replies on “The Masjid Jamek station of the future?”

I agree. I would really like to see the blue print and stuff. Also I hope that rapidkl would invest in more interesting ways in promoting their service…

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