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KTM Komuter service to Batu Caves opens 29 July 2010

TRANSIT is pleased to announce that KTM Komuter service to Batu Caves (finally) began operations on 29 July 2010.

The extension of service is made possible by the double tracking & electrification of the line from Sentul to Batu Caves. The new stations have been built with full canopy roof, accessible features such as lifts, ramps, toilets, tac-tile markings, etc.

We at TRANSIT hope that the opening of the new KTM Komuter service will mark the real beginning of a turnaround for KTMB!

Your feedback, comments and photos of the new extension are welcome!

For photos of the line in action, please visit this link. All images in the post are courtesy of @TWK90.

TRANSIT also notes that the Ministry of Transport may be (once again) looking into further extension of the line beyond Batu Caves to Selayang. TRANSIT recalls that this was also mentioned by an earlier Transport Minister, Chan Kong Choy, back when the double tracking was launched.

The line actually does extend beyond Batu Caves station to the YTL Cement yards on the other side of the Batu Caves. However, a further extension along this route may be unlikely due to the built-up nature of the area.

An alternative might be to continue to extend the line along Jalan Ipoh – meaning that the Batu Caves section would function as a spur line – of course, this is far in the future.

KTM Komuter service may be extended to Selayang (Borneo Post)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Transport Ministry will study the proposal to extend the new Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTM Bhd) Komuter Service between Sentul and Batu Caves, to Selayang.

NEW ROUTE: Kong launching the KTM Komuter service between Sentul and Batu Caves at Sentul station. Also present is KTMB chairman Dr Amiruddin Adnan (right).— Bernama photo

Its minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said the ministry would monitor the effectiveness of the new route and feedback from the public before making a decision.

He said this to reporters after launching the KTM Komuter service between Sentul and Batu Caves covering 7.5 km, at the Batu Caves commuter station yesterday.

On the Sentul-Batu Caves KTM Komuter route costing RM528 million, Kong said it would raise the number of passengers to 10,000 daily as Batu Caves was a tourist attraction.

“The opening of the new route will facilitate users and tourists to Batu Caves because an average of 80,000 Hindus and tourists flock to the famous Hindu temple each year,” he said.

With the new route, the KTM Komuter service starting at the Port Klang station in Selangor would now have five new stations namely Sentul, Batu Kantonmen, Kg Batu, Taman Wahyu before ending at Batu Caves, he added. — Bernama


It is nice to see the double tracking and extension of the KTM Komuter service open and operating. This line will make a huge difference to inner city rail service because it will help provide public transport users in the northern areas of KL with quicker access to the city centre as well as the other KTM Komuter lines.

It is too bad that we have not figured out how to integrate public transport services in Malaysia to encourage feeder bus services and integration between KTM and LRT and bus operations. If that were to happen, we could expand the number of people going to KL by train and reduce the number using cars or buses.

TRANSIT hopes that the KTM Komuter extension to Batu Caves will shift our thinking of KTM Komuter from the slow and unpopular service that it is, to a fast, reliable “metro-like” service for Kuala Lumpur – at least, in the inner city and surburban areas.

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