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Updates #55

Updates #55

1. Letter: Zoning system seems unfair (The Star) – Y.S. Chan of KL writes in response to the letter, Shocking cab fare for 500m journey in the Star on 2 July, saying that the problem may be because of zone fares.

[TRANSIT says: Actually the problem is not with the zone fares – it is with errant taxi drivers. It is because of these taxi drivers that coupon systems were introduced (pay more, less hassle) – but it shocks us that the CVLB would approve such a coupon system (including such fares). TRANSIT has forwarded our comments to SPAD.]

2. Letter: Public transport system needs big overhaul (The Star) – Winnie Chan of KL comments on the overall inconvenience of the poorly integrated public transport system in the Klang Valley. This was followed by a response letter, Get a dose of public transport — first hand from Claire Thambu who argues that reliabilty is more important than convenience.

[TRANSIT Says: We agree with Winnie and even more with Claire. The Minister of Transport is seriously deluded if he thinks that convenience is the key. Public transport will never replace the convenience of private transport. Its advantages come from leaving the stress & responsibility to others, multitasking, social activities as well as being economically wise and environmentally-friendly.]

3. Letter: Upgrade needed for KTM stations (The Star) – A Concerned Malaysian from Jinjang Utara comments on the poor quality of local information at KTM Komuter stations.

4. Letter: Malacca gradually losing more of its heritage (The Star) – “Vermeer’s Hat” comments on the changes to Malacca including the long-delayed Melaka Monorail.

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