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RapidKL launches Rapidpass “Flexi” on 1 June 2010 (Update#2)

  • Updated with additional Q & A! See comments section below!
  • Updated with additional information!

TRANSIT notes that public transport operator RapidKL has launched the Rapidpass “Flexi” on 1 June 2010.

Rapidpass Flexi allows unlimited travel on all RapidKL buses, LRT services, and the KL Monorail over a flexible period of time, determined by the user.

The main difference between the Rapidpass “Flexi” and the existing monthly Rapidpass, is that the Rapidpass “Flexi” can be obtained for different lengths of time, for up to 1 month (or 30 days).

Fare Table for RapidKL's Rapidpass, including 'Pelajar" & "Flexi" options - image courtesy of RapidKL

Click here to see a full version of the image above

The various options for a regular pass (unlimited bus+LRT+monorail) are as follows:

  • RM10 – Single day
  • RM25 – Three days
  • RM50 – One week (7 days)
  • RM90 – Two weeks (15 days)
  • RM150 – One month (30 days)

There is also a series of options for registered Malaysian students (secondary & tertiary), including the following passes for the bus + LRT + Monorail service:

  • RM40 – One week (7 days)
  • RM60 – Two weeks (15 days)
  • RM100 – One month (30 days)

For the bus service alone, registered students only have to pay:

  • RM20 – One week (7 days)
  • RM30 – Two weeks (15 days)
  • RM50 – One month (30 days)

The pass is based on the Touch ‘N’ Go system and passengers must go to the payment counter to activate the ‘Flexi’ option on their existing Touch ‘N’ Go card or to purchase a Rapidpass ‘ Flexi’.

For further information, you can call RapidKL’s Helpline at 03-7885 2585 (7am to 8.30pm on Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm on Saturday and Sunday), or visit (or read the FAQ and the news release). You may also wish to follow RapidKL on twitter under @MYrapidKL to keep updated on their service and new offerings.

Read more about the passes at:


The concept of the RapidPass ‘Flexi’ is an interesting one, as it should encourage more people to use the bus, LRT and monorail system according to their own needs and timing. For example, tourists can make use of the 1-day or 3-day pass options for travel around KL, while people who need to travel only 2 weeks per month can purchase the 2-week pass.

Of course, there is a cost involved in paying for a shorter pass – but if you are a less-frequent public transport user, the ‘flexi’ appears to be a good option.

Are you interested in the Rapidpass ‘Flexi’? If so, please visit the links above and pass the information on to your friends and family.

46 replies on “RapidKL launches Rapidpass “Flexi” on 1 June 2010 (Update#2)”


Thanks for your comment. In the past, RapidKL did offer an unlimited bus + LRT pass for RM7 and a monthly pass for RM125 (then increased to RM135)

Apparently there were no takers and the pass was phased out at the end of 2007. There may have also been some problems with the technology used for the passes once they shifted from using the thermal printers to trying to work with Touch ‘n’ Go.

It is interesting that the RM10 for the bus + LRT + monorail (the monthly pass is now RM150) suggests that the cost of bearing the debts of the monorail are not helping Prasarana.

It is also interesting to note that, despite the common owner and the common pass system, the KL Monorail and RapidKL websites do not link to each other.

Oh, and also worth mentioning – TRANSIT recently proposed an RM10 daily “park & unlimited ride” pass at the recent DBKL workshop.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

erm ….what is the different btw rapidpass pelajar and this rapidpass “flexi” for students? As it seem like the price is just the same. isin’t i can register at any lrt station?

In addition, let said in june i just use 20 days and there are balance 10 days, can i brought forward to July the balance? (Rapidpass pelajar) ?

Hi Addy

According to this table, registered students who hold Rapidpass Pelajar can activate the ‘Flexi’ option for 7 or 15 days (as well as the 30 days for the ‘regular’ pass).

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

In addition, let said in june i just use 20 days and there are balance 10 days, can i brought forward to July the balance? (30 days option)

ur promptly reply will b appreciated


The option of transferring days to another month is not available as the pass is only good for the next 30 days.

If you only wish to use 20 out of 30 days, you would have to absorb the loss (or presumably transfer the pass to someone else for the remaining 20 days).

Assuming you have a 30 day integrated pass (RM150), the cost/day is RM5 – so not using the pass for 10 days means that you would lose a value of RM50.

However, if you purchase the 15 Day pass at RM90 and the 7 day pass at RM50, then you would only spend RM140 for 22 days of travel.

I hope this answers your question.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Is the rapidpass useable for KTM services as well? I am interested in getting the pass, but will be using the KTM instead of the LRT to get to work.

hi. the rapidpass was badly executed. there is NO indication in the pamphlet which says tht renewal is from the date of last expiry and should happen within a 3 day (cant remember exactly how many days) window from this date. the lady at the station refused to renew my pass from the start date of my payment, ie it expire june 2 and i think i went there on june 8 to renew on assumption it was this way since i did not utilise, it made sense tht it should be from june 8 to july 8.

Hi, I am currently using the normal Touch n Go card for my daily travel to work and vice versa. I didn’t buy the manual monthly pass because I don’t use the LRT everyday.

Question 1:
If I buy the 30 days Rapidpass at RM100 (for LRT) on 1/7/2010 and I only use for 15 days i.e. till 15/7/2010, can I use the balance 15 days on 1/8/2010 to 15/8/2010?

Question 2:
Can I buy/activate the Rapispass at any date of the month? Last time for manual pass, it is sold until every 7th of the month only, if I am not mistaken.

Hi Jessica

We will forward your questions to RapidKL for confirmation but for now we can tell you the following>

A1. you cannot have a break between uses so if your pass is activated on 1/7/2010 it would expire on 30/7/2010 (or presumably 31/7/2010).

If you wish to have the break, you can activate the “flexi” option for a 15-day period on 1/7/2010 – and then reactivate your card on 1/8/2010. However, you would pay more per day for the 15-day pass than the 30 day pass.

A2. It should be possible to activate the ‘flexi’ option on any day of the month, and your pass would expire after 1, 3, 7, 15 or 30 days as you have chosen to activate it.

We hope this helps. We will update you on the reply from RapidKL as soon as we receive it.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT.

So can you please clarify that, there wont be any Rapidpass from next month onwards, instead there will this TnG system.
Right now i was purchasing RM 100 each month as I dont need the integrated package.
So does that mean I buy the RM 100 TnG and it will last me the whole month? or is it like the normal TnG where the balance remaining is showed?


There will be a rapidpass next month but it will be using Touch ‘n Go instead of the paper pass.

Everything will stay the same, with respect to the different pass options.

The only difference (we are still trying to confirm this) is that when you ‘touch’ the reader with the card, you will be told how many days are remaining instead of how much money is remaining.

Again, everything should be staying the same except for the medium which is now using Touch ‘n Go.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

RapidKL may think that they did a great job by offering multiple unlimited ride options in the form of RapidPass Flexi.

However, Touch N GO sensors on many buses were faulty. As a result, many RapidPass Flexi holders wrre unable to tap their Touch N Go card when they board RapidKL buses.

Worse still, some drivers demand passengers to pay the fare in cash. If this is the case, then what’s the point of having a so-called flexi ticketing system in the first place?

Some drivers also said that they DON’T what is a RapidPass Flexi. And they also said that you need to show your RapidPass (the conventional one in the form of a card) or pay the fare in cash!! It seems like no one from RapidKL took the trouble to inform the drivers of the new RapidPass Flexi.

In some cases, arguments ensued, where all passengers on the bus eventually stared at both parties. The affected passenger eventually had to go all the way to the last stop to settle the problem with the supervisor.

RapidKL should make sure all Touch N Go sensors are in working order. There is no reason asking passengers to pay again in cash when they have paid for unlimited rides.


Thanks for your comments & observations. As you can imagine, customer service and training are still major sore points with RapidKL. We ask that you send us a detailed email with your observations, to and we will forward these comments to RapidKL and SPAD for action.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I have a touch n go which i using for trains as well as for toll. can i use the same touch n go as a Rapd Pass Flexi. Beside that can i use the card for toll. Please clarify. Thank you.

Hi Nanthini,

We do not know if activating the ‘flexi’ option will affect the way that you use your Touch ‘n Go card at the toll booth (or any other place).

We will put your question to RapidKL and Touch ‘n Go Sdn. Bhd. and update you on the response.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

hi, i have the same question as Nanthini..i’m a student. sometimes when my class in the morning session i used to take the public transport to prevent from stuck in the jam.. but when my class in the afternoon i will driving by myself.. so can i use the card for the toll as well..?

I have just bought the rapidpass integrasi (RM150) for the mth of July. This is the manual/conventional card, not the flexi pass using the Touch n Go system. Please clarify/comfirm that the manual card can still be used. Thanks

Hi Salina

That is a very good question – in fact, we are surprised that someone would sell you a manual pass given the announcements for Touch ‘n Go. We will confirm the details with RapidKL and update you asap.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

good afternoon Mr.Moaz. I have only one simple question.
If I just want to use the KL Monorail, which type of rapidpass that I should be using? LRT rapidpass or Integrasi?

Hi Kenneth

At present you would have to buy a Pas Integrasi in order to use both LRT and monorail – as per this info on the rapidkl website.

However, we will check with RapidKL and see if there are any plans to change this in the near future.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Do you have any monthly/Weekly/Daily unlimited ride Rapid Pass Touch N Go for only Monorail?

If you do, what is the charges?


I wanted to inquired, if i purchased the RM100 tng for bus, by end mth before 30th can I top up the amount again? Or I have to wait till end mth?

Hi Adriane

As far as we know, you can purchase the top up from the 25th or 26th of the month. We believe that RapidKL is also looking at an automatic top-up option (similar to the Touch n’ Go “Zing” card).

We will get more information and update you as soon as possible.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT


Well first of all, the discontinuation of the Monthly Travel Card (MTC) was a silly act. I used to travel from Putrajaya to KLCC via bus and LRT. It was so convenient back then. Recently the queues at the LRT stations have been growing much longer and getting a ticket is so difficult. Most of the customers are confused and spend 3-5 minutes inquiring about the new service. The faulty T&G machines especially in buses is another issue. Why discontinue something knowing that it ticks the customers off and leaves them confused? The simple answer to this question is the fools in RapidKL who come up with new ideas do not ride in RapidKL buses and LRTs. To solve this problem, suggestion boxes should be placed at LRT stations simply because RapidKL are hiring retards to come up with ideas

If I purchase the 30-days Flexi TnG at RM100 to use for September 2010. And when it comes to October, I realize that I won’t be utilizing the pass for 30 days but 15 days instead. Is it ok for me to go to the counter and charge me for 15 days only? Conclusion is can I request to charge me at different days by using the same TnG card.

Que 2:
Is the TbG card MUST be renewed within 3 days as per the earlier comment given by one of the users?

Hi @Starry

We will pass on your question to RapidKL for more feedback. As far as we know, you can change your pass option every month if you have activated the “flexi” option. So that means you can purchase a 30-day pass followed by a 15-day pass. You are no longer stuck to a particular month.

Regarding Question#2 we will wait for RapidKL’s response.

Regards, moaz for TRANSIT

Hi Moaz,

TQ for the quick response, still awaiting for your soonest response for Q2.

Meanwhile, would also like to find out if I purchase 30-days TnG pass on 1st Oct 2010, which means my TnG expires on 30th Oct. And I won’t be using the TnG pass till 5th Nov, so I only top-up my TnG pass on 5th Nov. So does it mean my TnG pass is valid from 5th Nov – 5th Dec?! Instead of counting from 1st Nov as per my 1st purchase of the TnG pass.

Thank you!!! 🙂

Hi Jessie

We will check for you but we assume that as long as you have extra money (above the RM150) on your card you can use it for toll payment.

We hope to have an answer from Prasarana/RapidKL in a few days.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Latest Q & A on RapidPass Flexi as of 1 October

Q 1. If I purchase 30-days TnG pass on 1st Oct 2010, which means my TnG expires on 30th Oct. And I won’t be using the TnG pass till 5th Nov, so I only top-up my TnG pass on 5th Nov. So does it mean my TnG pass is valid from 5th Nov – 5th Dec?! Instead of counting from 1st Nov as per my 1st purchase of the TnG pass.

A 1. If you renew and activate your 30 days Rapidpass Flexi on 5 Nov, the validity period is from 5 Nov until 4 Dec.

Q 2. If I purchase the 30-days Flexi TnG at RM100 to use for September 2010. And when it comes to October, I realize that I won’t be utilizing the pass for 30 days but 15 days instead. Is it ok for me to go to the counter and charge me for 15 days only? Conclusion is can I request to charge me at different days by using the same TnG card.

A 2. The 30-day Rapidpass works in such way that once activated, the system will deduct each day consecutively from the 1st day of activation/usage, regardless of whether the card is used or otherwise. There are a few options for the number of days, eg 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days and 30 days for Rapidpass Flexi. This is to allow customers to plan their travel days well.

The 30-day Rapidpass does not work according to a particular month, but from the 1st day of activation. Once a 30-day package is purchased, customers cannot change it to a different package, but must use it until expiry.

Rapidpass Flexi allows flexibility, and with good planning, customers are able to enjoy great savings and convenience.

Q 3. Is it correct that the Touch ‘n’ Go card MUST be renewed within 3 days as per the earlier comment given by one of the users?

A 3. You have the flexibility to renew your Rapidpass Flexi anytime upon expiry but no earlier than 7 days from its expiry.

Dear Moaz,

Thank you for your further explain for the other users inquiry. It makes me get clearer picture on the Flexi plan. However, I got 1 more question,
Let’s say i buy the Rapidpass flexi for October. Then, the next month I don’t want to buy the Flexi package but only top up my Touch n Go as normal package (without Flexi). Can I change the plan alternatively each month?


Dear RapidKL staff

Just to confirm, if you have activated the “flexi” option (for any time period) on your card, does it automatically deactivate at the end of the period you selected?

Kind Regards,

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad on behalf of TRANSIT

Hi.. is the 1-day or 3-day rapidpass flexi valid for rides to any part of the city from any other part on the bus+LRT+monorail system? Or it is valid only BETWEEN certain stations on the network? Thanks

Hi @Labo

Sorry for the late reply to your question.

1-day and 3-day Rapidpass are valid on all *RapidKL* trains and buses and *KL Monorail* trains. They are not valid on KTM Komuter or non-RapidKL buses.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I’ve just purchase the touch n go card on 12th of January and I’ve paid rm 150 for it. The counter person said it’s valid until 10th of Feb, but I’m not using it everyday. Will my money lost if i still have the remaining in the card after 30 days? And if i top up rm 10 in it will it still last for 30 days? Or if i discontinue the card will i get back the remaining?

Hi Cath

If you have purchased a Rapidpass ‘Flexi’ card it can be used anytime until February 10. If you believe that you will not be using the card that often for a long, continuous period of time, you may wish to activate a shorter duration for your ‘flexi’
pass – perhaps 15 or 7 days instead of 30 days.

Under the current system, if you purchase a 30 day pass and do not use the days (for example, the last 10 days) you will not get any refund.

However, if you know you are going to use the pass frequently for some time, then not so often, you should purchase a smaller period of time – or share the 30 days pass with a friend.

I hope this answers your question.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

May i know is there a rapidpass for the bus service alone ( not student )? How much is it? And is this unlimited for a month? Thanks 🙂


Yes, you can purchase a regular, non-student Rapidpass with flexi options of 3, 7, 15 and 30 days. The cost of each pass option has been summarized in our post, and you can also find the information here.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

Thanks for your answer. Last time i went to Lrt station for rapidpass. We must have a Touchngo on our hand? May i know what’s the next time they’ll do?

Hi Christy

Aside from the new ticketing system which was introduced at the end of February, there are no major changes. The rapidpass can still be purchased at LRT stations. Please note that if you wish to purchase a Rapidpass you have to use their TnG card rather than your own card since the systems are designed differently (your TnG card deducts the fare amount from your paid deposit amount, while Rapidpass automatically deducts days from the amount of days deposited.).

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

I had an experience this morning at LRT Titiwangsa arnd 0830.
I have going to that station since Monday 31/10/11 to reload my TnG (monthly pass RM150.00). Has been 2 days its out of service, and today morning when i go there again, that staff is telling me ” Our TnG still out of service maybe u can go to other stations or try at Monorail station to reload it. I’m not sure why LRT staff not aware that Monorail stations doesnt reload TnGs. I dont have time to go n try here n there to reload it. Very poor response.

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