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Puduraya: March 19 closing to be delayed (Update #2)

Important NOTE:

TRANSIT notes that operations at the Puduraya terminal will move to the Bukit Jalil temporary bus terminal from 12 April 2010!

TRANSIT notes that the proposed March 19 closure of the Puduraya Bus terminal has been delayed for the time being.

For more information please see this article, Planned closure of bus terminal on hold (Streets-NST) or Puduraya stays open until further notice (Metro-The Star).

To date, work on the terminal at Jalan Galloway is continuing, because it is still to be used as a holding area for buses (even if Puduraya does not close for the time being).

For more information on the plans for the closure of Puduraya, please see this post by TRANSIT.

3 replies on “Puduraya: March 19 closing to be delayed (Update #2)”

i wonder for how long more will the puduraya station be closed. i’m staying in the bukit jalil area and the temporary bus terminal is causing bad congestion in that area!

other than near the bukit jalil lrt station, that area is not suitable at all for a bus terminal. it doesn’t have a proper drop-off lane for people to drop-off or pick-up their friends and loved ones. and the car park is quite a distance away. surely no one would want to walk that far dragging their luggage! so all the cars will just park their cars along the road, reducing the 2-lane road to just one lane. this is causing a huge problem for residents in that area who have to use that stretch of road everyday.

we’re just waiting anxiously for the terminal to be moved back to pudu and for life to be back to normal again in bkt jalil!

Hi Sue

As far as we know, the new Integrated Transport Terminal at Bandar Tasik Selatan will open in time for the Raya Balik Kampung period (which is about 6 weeks from now) and some of the buses from Bukit Jalil will be shifted there.

However, we have not heard any details or updates recently so we do not know if Bukit Jalil will close before the Raya Balik Kampung or afterwards. Frankly, we expect that it will be afterwards.

As for Puduraya, it is expected to reopen to serve northbound buses in November of this year.

Regards, Moaz for TRANSIT

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